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PSA! Charming, fun summer fashion, including accessories, seem to be everywhere, but don't be lulled into thinking you can wait to click "purchase now" at your leisure. I'm seeing everywhere that inventory is limited, and not being restocked, as in seasons past. When you see it, get it. (Another good reason to become an Insider so you get early access to my exclusive discounts.) But, we can't afford to make mistakes, either! If you've been lookin' for love in the all the wrong places and end up with a closet of boring and ho-hum and costly mistakes, well, I know the right places to look to give you a better closet! Aren't you glad you have me 😎 to weed through the thousands of options in the labyrinth of online sites every day (literally, thousands, every day), so you don't have to! It's what I do. I love the hunt. And I love to show you all the treasures I find. And, by the way, I don't do paid sponsorships often at all (I've done some, and I'm not saying I won't ever again, but I am reeeeaaalllly choosy and always tell you). I wear all my own clothes and accessories on the blog, because I'm not buying all the time (who can?) and part of the secret to great style is knowing how to wear what you have the right way (this guide I made is actually really good - I just went back and looked at it - I'm sharing all the secrets to wearing what you have, stylishly).

I've always loved my horn jewelry (resin, or naturally shed, of course). If your lobes can handle the weight (I found these really cool ear support patches for heavier earrings), try teardrop earrings. It's a flattering shape next to your face, especially if you have a rounder face.

To get on my list, a summer accessory, or anything for that matter, has to be fabulous, worth every dollar (which means you can wear it multiple ways) and either be a classic that'll last for years, or, if it's trendy, it must be cheap since you're not getting a great cost per wear ratio. I have a few other filters, too. Trade secrets ha. But, my lovely friends, I will not lead you astray! Now, here are the best of the best in summer fashion accessories, with a really special and exclusive deal, just for you, from my friends at Ex Voto Vintage. Please support this small business with me! (And this is not sponsored, I just adore this jewelry and the owner!)

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1. Summer Jewelry - Exclusive 15% Discount from Ex Voto Vintage!

First of all, let's talk what's out. I sure wouldn't be buying any more tassel jewelry. Remember when it was so trendy a couple summers ago, and I warned you not to overpay for it? This is why. Short-lived. Big, crystal collar necklaces are also kinda passé. Unless it's real like rock crystal, or the real, real deal. What about the bead stretch bracelets we've all bought at the beach? I still love them, personally. And that's kind of how it goes with jewelry - it's very personal. So wear what you love. Here are some of my favorites. And the Ex Voto Vintage discount code!

Ex Voto Jewelry - use code TINAGIFTS for 15% OFF ENTIRE SITE (for total purchase $89 and over).

Why do I love Ex Voto Vintage? I met the owner, Elizabeth Adams (no relation) a while back when she had a shop in Nashville. When my friend Deidre and I started our charitable organization for breast cancer previvors and survivors, she was one of the first to help us. Elizabeth hosted a lovely gathering in her shop for us (we're taking a break from it right now). Elizabeth has always given back - she gives a portion of sales to The Cure Starts Now Foundation for pediatric brain cancer research. Elizabeth lost her young daughter to a brain tumor, and created Ex Voto Vintage as a testament of gratitude, the translation of ex voto. Made in the USA, and one of the few jewelers I know still offering hand-engraving, consider these as gifts for yourself and gifts for those special to you.

Ellie Bracelet in Polished Gold, your price $83.30, reg. $98 (accommodates different wrist sizes)


Custom-engraved Strathkinness Cuff Bracelet, your price $75.65, reg. $89 (accommodates different wrist sizes)



Sterling Silver Idlewild Cross Pendant, your price $50.15 if total purchase is over $89, reg. $59

Code good through midnight, Sunday June 1, 2020. Don't forget to use your code TINAGIFTS at checkout for 15% off!

More Summer Jewelry




2. Summer Handbags

Heavy zippers, no. Cult Gaia - the trendier they are, the faster they fall. (If you have one, keep it, but don't buy another one.) Air-brushed prints, over. Woven, always. Shells, forever. Beaded, depends. Animal print, classic. Circle handles seem to be a fun thing.

3. Summer Shoes

I'm seeing white and ivory shoes - I used to bad talk them. But the right ones can really spiff up your look. The key is you need to see a LOT of skin, or they become like those old fashioned nurse shoes. I'm pretty big on neutral summer shoes because it's the season I tend to wear more color. But you can take some risks, as long as you don't overpay!


4. More Fun Accessories


I love the darkest possible lens, and a classic cateye (not too exaggerated) flatters any face. So does a tortoise frame - never goes out of style.


Even the best sunscreen strategy can benefit from a good summer hat.


In my makeup drawer? This bronzer and lipgloss, and my safe suntan in a bottle - I use it all summer.

Don't forget our exclusive discount with Ex Voto Vintage jewelry - such gorgeous pieces for you or gifts. Use code TINAGIFTS for 15% OFF Ex Voto Vintage ENTIRE SITE (for total purchase $89 and over). Only through midnight, Sunday May 31, 2020.


Thank you so much for stopping by - and remember, don't delay! Here today, gone tomorrow!





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