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After-Christmas Sale emails are flooding your inboxes this morning, and will be for the next couple weeks. But Buyer Beware. This is when I see the most egregious mistakes being made by shoppers and those whose check-out carts I find myself spying on/observing. I just know they want me to get all up in their business and explain why buying those jeans with stars on them is a bad idea, even though they're only $19.99. But I'll be positive and say I feel sure everyone can make perfect purchasing decisions during this open hunting season. Hmmm.. to quote the Queen, if only. How about this, I'll be your point rider as long as you'll heed the rules in the Field Guide below. These are the mistakes to avoid and the only shopping list you need for maneuvering the quarry of sales. Tally ho!

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Shopping The Sales Field Guide: Mistakes To Avoid

Do not buy anything you would not have wanted at full price before Christmas.

Don't spend money to save money.

Don't buy this season's trends now, at the end of the season.

If it doesn't fit, don't buy it. Unless you'll actually have it altered.

What To Buy: After-Christmas Sales

This is the best time to score your holiday decor for next year.

Be sure to scroll right to see all images.

Buy up the big-ticket items like coats, boots and jewelry.

Always look for deals on the classics.

Don't forget to scroll right to see everything!

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Happy Shopping!!