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Every year after the Fourth of July I'm ready for Fall. And so are retailers. Summer is on sale and Fall's first styles are being delivered. Not just the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (see my picks here), but pretty much everywhere else, too. Aaaaand, so far, so good. THANK GOODNESS because I've been getting worried about the direction of fashion lately.

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You never know if the fashion gods are going to lose their minds and try to sell us absolutely ridiculous clothes. A good rule of thumb is when the world has gone crazy, designers go back to the classics, and when the world is relatively stable, they take more chances. But then Covid just messed everything up and it's been anybody's guess what we'll be wearing. But I have sifted and sorted and found the gems that are yours for the taking at this moment, but no guarantees they will last. Inventory is still SUPER low.

Fall Style

Let's start with the best of the best. First of all...BROWN. All shades of brown are available this Fall, unlike most Falls.

Fall Color: Brown Is Back

And So Are Camel & Cognac

Fall Boots Have Squoval Toes (Square/Oval)

Fall Coats Are Ladylike

Fall Dresses Are Flowy and Feminine

Fall Jeans Are Normal!


Much, MUCH more Fall Style to come in the next several weeks. And yes, I'm already starting to clean out closets for Fall shopping and styling! Book your package with me now, no matter where you live I can help you in person or virtually.

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