Tina, here.

I am making fewer clothing purchases these days, and re-wearing a lot of the same category of clothing, like t-shirts and white jeans (always), and little dresses. But mostly t-shirts. As you know this is not a category I like spending any real money on, because tees are everywhere and always on sale and never last very long. If you're looking for a way to make your tees feel a bit more sophisticated and less camp counselor-y here are some of my favorite ways to wear a white t-shirt (or other color).

First, the White T-shirts

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One White T-Shirt Three Ways

1. Under a Blazer

It's finally starting to cool off in the mornings and evenings where you may be able to get away with this extra layer. But wearing a blazer over a basic, classic t-shirt is also one of my very favorite summer-to-fall transition outfits. You can wear your linen blazers deep into Fall, especially if you're in the South. You'll notice I'm swiftly moving my thoughts, and outfits to the Fall transition period because I am SO ready for it!

2. With Casual Pants*

You're substituting a basic white tee for a shell or blouse, and you still looked pulled together. If you want to dress up a touch, tuck that tee in, and add a jacket if you feel too uncomfortable. Add jewelry and you've gone from watering the plants to sitting on a patio with friends.

*I had so many requests from Insiders for these 5-pocket style knit slim pants, which I've owned for years. But I found another good option here and here. What's nice about them is that they are real pants, not joggers on the one hand or dress pants on the other. If you want a reeeeaaalll luxury pant, take a look at these, which are on my wish list. I just ordered this gorgeous pair in a pale silvery grey and they were $24! A bit dressier, but they're still knit, so I'll just look like I'm pulled together even though I'll feel like I'm in my leisure wear. I am more and more over skinny pants.

Can you tell I'm ready for Fall? BRING IT.

Full disclosure - the belt is not mine. I am greatly attached to another belt and I have no idea why I decided to wear this one (it's a friend's). It doesn't feel like me, but oh well, guess it's something different.

3. With Skinny / Slim Stretch Pants

Same shoes, same white tee, but more casual pants and jacket. You're still comfy, but no one's gonna be confusing you with a camp counselor.

Don't forget to reserve your spot now for a One-On-One Virtual Fall Package with me. I'm taking appointments now!

Thank you so much for stopping by - and remember, with inventory the way it is now, don't delay! Here today, gone tomorrow!





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