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Everyone knows that the wrong shoe can ruin an outfit. An accessory, the right accessory can make an outfit. Finish it. Complete it. As in, Statement Necklace, you complete me. And, Hermès scarf, you had me at Bonjour. The wrong accessory is a disaster that will land you on What Not To Wear lists. Conversely, the right accessory can take an outfit from drab to fab in the time it takes you to throw on a necklace. Or step into a great pair of boots. Or grab the right clutch as you walk out the door.
Every woman needs a jewelry wardrobe, along with her handbag and shoe wardrobe. Here's your list of the perfect fall accessories, the outfit-completers, for every purpose. Plus I'm showing you how to pull it all together so you'll have a worry-free and style-ful Fall!

Best Fall Accessories

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Clockwise from top Left: Etienne Aigner Leather Tote Bag$159.97 $328 | Tuckernuck Olive Suede Ashford Pants, $98 |  Tuckernuck Black Jasper Poncho, $98 | 14k Gold and Black Rhodium-Plated Natural Teardrop Earrings, $111.64 | O-Buckle Belt, $11.90 | Paul Green Slingback Flat, $298  | Nappa Leather Ricky, $2400

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You need the right jewelry.  I'm a little over the plastic, ok we'll call it resin, necklaces that are in every big box store in candy colors with baubles the size of gum balls. How about something fresh and new, but actually not so new but a classic, like a lariat or bamboo hoop earrings? Something that will last longer than a hot minute, longer than its "most Pinned" life?

Style tip: don't spend gobs of money on trendy jewelry. Because as soon as you're brave enough to buy it, something new comes down the pike, and nothing ages you like wearing an outdated trend. Mkay, cupcakes?




Clockwise from top Left: Kate Spade Double Faux-Pearl & 14K Yellow Goldplated Stud Earring, $44 |  Love Token Tie Sleeve Sweater Blouse$44.97 $121 | St. John Collection Crepe Ankle Pants, $395 | GiGi New York Leather Cuff, Rose Embossed Python, $95 | Blush Suede Cap Toe Pump$302–385 $302–385 |   L'Autre Chose Black Pumps$244 $487 | Tory Burch Lee Radziwill Leather Double Bag, $998 

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Shoes & Boots

Really the only thing that matters anymore is comfort. Is that where we have come?? Pull yourself together and vow to wear comfortable AND stylish shoes, my dear friends. We can do this. There are good options. But I will say, some occasions call for suffering in the name of gorgeous heels.


I have had the most luck with Paul Green and Marc Fisher shoes this past summer and this fall in terms of being good-looking and comfort.





Clockwise from top Left: Pink Fitted Herringbone Blazer, $149 |  14k White Gold Casual Elegance Pearl Lariat Necklace$241.50 $345 | levi's 311(TM) Shaping Skinny Jeans, $89.50 |   Spira Hoop Earrings, $120 | Ted Baker London Evening Bag$54.97 $109 | AGL Pump, $375 | Jory Ruffled Clutch, $68 | Vince Notch Bootie, $395


I'm switching out my handbags this weekend. From summer to fall. Funny thing is, I kind of use the same structured handbag all year long and have for ten or more years (you'll recognize it - my Ricky). But I do switch out my fun handbags and clutches. I especially love bringing out my vintage crocodile clutches and, they have to be called this, my purses (so old-fashioned!), aka "ladybags."


A structured handbag does for your frame what a pair of high heels does for your bum - makes you stand a little straighter and look a bit more put-together.


You need a good tote to schlep all your stuff around without forcing it in a backpack or an undersized handbag or, worse, carrying in your arms. Things like notebooks, agendas, books, magazines, snacks, water bottles, whatever you take when you are in a long day of meetings or traveling. I typically carry a tote on those days with my clutch inside for later. Great for travel, too.

Bucket Bags

These bags have made a comeback. I like their vintage feel. But you'll need some purse organizers so you can find your lipstick and mints at the bottom of the bucket.


Clutches need to be updated WAY more than you have been doing. Because you carry your fancy ones so infrequently, you just go to pull out your black shiny one that hasn't seen the light of day since your father's retirement party or grandparent's 50th anniversary, and you think "it's fine, no one will even see it." Nope. It's terrible. Get rid of it unless it's truly vintage, and spend the $40 to update it. We always suggest buying an evening clutch that you could actually wear with jeans or carry to a wedding or a christening or a holiday party, so that you don't feel as bad spending the money. Cost per wear!

Clockwise from top Left: J.Crew 365 stretch boatneck T-shirt, $36.50 | Banana Republic Unstructured Wool-Blend Knit Blazer$118 $169 | Vegan Suede Leggings, $89.50 | Echo Painted Tulip Silk Square Scarf, $139 |  Ocean Pearl and Gold Beaded Station Stretch Bracelet, $108.70 | Tortoise Shell Resin Clutch$54.97 $109 |  Vince Camuto Pointed Toe Bootie, $149.95 | UGG Sneaker$67–108 $119.95 | Halston Heritage Leather Top-Handle Satchel Bag$214.50 $330 

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