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It's open-hunting season in the world of Summer Sales. You've probably noticed that in retail Summer basically ends after the Fourth of July, and Fall merchandise starts appearing on the racks. Which means huge sales on Summer inventory to make room for the new stuff. You see, everybody makes more money on Fall and Winter retail because the materials are more expensive, we need more of them because we layer, and it's a longer buying/wearing season. Sooooo all that said, your inbox is about to be flooded with sales emails, and I'd like to warn you of the biggest mistakes I see. Then, shop my best of the best in Summer Sales below.

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My Three Rules for Shopping the Summer Sales:

(1) Never spend money to save money.

Only buy something on sale if you would have wanted it at full price. A $100 pair of shoes you get for $25 is $25 wasted that you could have put towards a more expensive pair you would wear all the time. Cost per wear! This concept is explained in this Style Guide:

My 5 Best Style Hacks


(2) If it doesn't fit, don't buy it.

Unless you have (a) a good tailor and (b) you have the time to take it there and be fitted, and (c) the additional cash it will take to make it fit perfectly. Hems are inexpensive. Letting out or taking in a pant leg or armhole shouldn't be too expensive. Cutting into shoulders and waistlines can be pricey.

(3) Don't buy into trends on sale at the end of the season.

Because they will be out of style next season, and you'll still be wearing that jumpsuit you spent money on and can't deal with just calling it a mistake. I'd avoid buying any rompers for sure, flatforms, babydoll dresses, and 1980's Mr.T. gold jewelry.

What To Buy Now During Summer Sales: (shop these below)

~ Swimsuits

~ Summer Dresses

~ Summer Handbags

~ Summer Sandals

~ Any classic wardrobe staple like a white blouse or a black pencil skirt

~ That something special you just have to have but have been waiting for it to be marked down

What not to buy during Summer/ End of Season Sales:

~ Trendy jewelry

~ Trendy shoes and boots

~ Trendy anything

Now you're armed and ready to shop my best of the best from the summer sales!

Start shopping my curated selection now!


Summer Dresses

Summer Handbags

Summer Sandals

I'll be doing posts on building a wardrobe around timeless classics, so watch for those!

In the meantime, happy shopping and don't go too crazy 🙂






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