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Don't be afraid of hats.  I know they're kinda scary and attention-getting and hair ruining, but you gotta take a chance on hats because they keep you warm in winter and wrinkle-free in summer.  And they happen to be so very in right now.  

I prefer a western glam kind of hat, personally. An unadorned brim makes me feel a little more inconspicuous. Image.

Here are your perfect winter hats - yes, you can wear them.

A wool panama style hat keeps you warm and those glaring rays of sun from causing winter-time wrinkles. 

A wide brim wool Panama hat also means your hair has less a chance of falling flat than it would under a beanie.  Image.

Your hat does not have to match your outfit. Camel hat with black top and pants - so chic. Image.

You're about to meet my alter ego. Yes, I love this white felt hat so much that a sweet friend gave it to me. She gets me. She gets that even though I have a penchant for old-lady clothes (matching heels and handbag, big girl pearls, flannel PJ's), there is a western glam cowgirl in me dying to be set free. I am one step closer with this hat. Image.

If you're doing winter sports or just taking a brisk walk, you want less fuss, more practicality.  Enter the wool beanie or pom pom hat. 

Some days call for a pom pom hat. Hand knit gets you extra points. Image.

Ridiculously expensive black wool and fox fur pom pom hat, but it is darn cute. Image.

Here is my choice in "hat" for winter walks.  Great for sparing my blowout so I can go just one more day without washing.

The hatless headband is a great way to save your hair and keep those ears warm. Image.

Look at her.  Isn't she fabulous?

Proof that hats are stylish at any age. I love how she cocks her hat to the side.  Image.

So, take a chance on a hat, why don't you?  And oh, have you heard about the Vault?

You will soon be invited to join our member’s only Style Vault.  The Vault is your private shopping guide: buy Tina's must-haves right from the Vault.  Become an insider on all things beauty, fashion and style-related.  Deets coming soon!

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