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It's so exciting hearing from you all that your parties, weddings, and trips galore are back on! And it's about to be...the holidays!!! Which makes me so happy. I just love Fall, and then comes Winter and Christmas, and then...the possibility of snow, which is my very favorite thing. But I digress, back to dressing for events. Namely pretty Fall dresses.

I featured this cotton animal print dress a couple weeks ago when we had our Halsbrook event. Don't you just love the ruffle along the bottom hem? It would make the perfect Fall event dress, and you can take it into the holidays by adding big jewelry and fancy heels!

If your dress or sweater or blouse has a neck tie, be sure and just tie a low, loose knot - no bows!

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Here are some more dresses perfect for your Fall events!


Fall Dresses


Wearing Fall Dresses

You can add a denim or leather jacket to any of these if it's cool.

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