Tina, here.

Do you feel like wearing brighter colors and more pattern in Summer like I do? I think it's because the sun is out and it's hot and humid and it just feels like pretty florals are the right and fitting thing to wear. BUT...

Wearing pattern, and especially florals, can be so tricky. Scale is very important. The amount of negative space relative to the pattern counts. If you splash a giant print across your bum or belly, guess what? Your bum and belly look giant. There's balance, proportion and artistry to consider.


Above, from left to right: too big and splotchy; too twee and cutesy; just right.

It's such a delicate balance. The art and science of good dressing. And it is personal, too. You may love a pattern that I don't, and vice versa. By the way, florals are no respecter of designer or retailer. I've seen glorious florals in the aisles of Target and horrible ones with lots of zeroes on their price tag.

So how do you know which florals work on you? Some florals, not all, but some, will work. It takes real artistry and some math to get the balance between negative and filled space correct, the right shading and tones, and the scale of the pattern perfect so it is pleasing to the eye. I've found some I think would be very pretty in your summer wardrobe, and I'm showing you how to wear them. Namely, with solids, and often with white. You don't want everything competing for attention at once.

What I like about my soft floral blouse is that it feels nostalgic and romantic without feeling cheap and old-fashioned. Usually if you answer yes to the question, would this fabric be better-suited to a pillow than a top," I say don't buy it. But this fabric, I think, is suited to both.

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Pretty Florals For Your Summer Wardrobe

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