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So many of you have written me asking what to do with your grandmother's fur. How special to have a piece of your family history. I have vivid memories of both my grandmothers in their furs, with brooches and wearing bright red lipstick. And oh they smelled so beautiful and sweet. I have my mother's mother's fur stole, and my mother's lamb coat.

The silk linings and hand sewn labels in vintage coats are always so pretty! And the buttons. Oh, the workmanship of long ago.

This faux fur vest (similar) is amazingly soft - not sticky like so many faux furs can be. This is the style I typically suggest when someone wants to recut their inherited fur - a vest! You will be much more likely to wear it, plus it saves you from buying a new one.  A vest is more sporty and casual. I've found some great faux furs for you! Shop them below and see how to style them.

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Great Faux Fur Vests

How To Style Your Faux Fur Vests

Thank you for stopping by and shopping! I hope you will wear your pretty clothes this year! We all need more pretty, and remember what Audrey Hepburn said, happy girls are the prettiest.





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