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Good dressing is a game of millimeters, dolls. An outfit can be made or ruined by the length of your skinny jeans, your shapewear (did you know a black dress can be see-through?), the way you button your blouse, the shape of the pockets on your jeans (do you have droopy bottom syndrome?). Don't miss this new and exclusive Guide we've just released, The Seven Rules To Avoid Looking Frumpy!

For a sampling of some of the tips I'm sharing with you, come inside this dressing room with Leslie Embry of The Blowout Co and me while we put her LBD through my Fit Test. Write this down, the Three S's of the Fit Test:

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This is just the beginning, dolls. To see more incredibly valuable tips on avoiding the dreaded frump dump (and nothing is more aging than looking frumpy), try our free 5-day trial to the Style Vault because this Guide is only available to our lovely members, our "Insiders!" With the trial, you'll have instant access to this new download, The Seven Rules To Avoid Looking Frumpy. It's such a handy little guide that you can print off and keep in your closet when you're getting dressed. Members, hop on over now to the Guides section of the website, and if you're ready to peak inside, you can join for free here.

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