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Usually this time of year, I'm running around in a lot of turquoise and coral to hurry along the season.  Oh, and white. Always white. But GUESS WHAT. I have a new love affair with this soft, misty, watery shade of blue. And I got you 20% off!! On a weekly basis, I look through pretty much every single retailer's inventory, and when I was thumbing through Halsbrook's Spring looks, I kept saving pieces, for myself ? , in this gorgeous blue. If you've ordered from Halsbrook before, you know how lovely the packaging is and how superior their customer service is. And I love it when I see pieces in your closets I've recommended from them! Everyone loves Halsbrook for good reason. So I've chosen eight of my favorite things from Halsbrook's Spring edition.

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Eight Spring Favorites From Halsbrook

1. Gretchen Scott Ultrasuede Top, Regularly $149, Insider price $119.20

The soft, watery blue of this ultrasuede (read: easy to care for, less expensive than suede, and "vegan") top is luscious. I was crossing my fingers I would love it as much in person as I did on their website, and I love it more. First of all, I am always searching for good tops that don't look like everything else on everyone else. But I also don't like standing out - which explains my love/hate relationship with hats - and this top lets me fly under the radar, but with that QGT we crave and that Halsbrook nails. Quiet Good Taste. It's yours.

You may notice I'm wearing one of my favorite bracelets, the JANIS SAVITT Double Gold and Rhodium Cobra Bracelet. It's brilliant (and 20% off with our exclusive discount code!) - it's both gold and silver so you never have to wonder if it matches! I wear mine all the time.

2. RAINS RaincoatRegularly, $135 Insider price $108.00

Again, this color! They call it stone, but it's more like the color of blue hydrangeas at the end of the Summer. For real, I am addicted to outerwear of all types, and yes, I have a raincoat(s), but this one is necessary. It has a hood WITH A BILL - I mean, how many times have you pulled up your hood to run to the car, and it falls down and you can't see, so you push it back a little, and get wet. The bill to the rescue.


3. Kobi Halperin BlouseRegularly $398, Insider price $318.40
I know, I know, this is a splurge. But if you're looking for one statement piece this Spring, this blouse is it. It comes in two drop-dead gorgeous colors (the other is an emerald green), and you can wear either color year round. This top is really outside my box, but I don't know what it is, I had to have it. I'm showing it here with both casual espadrilles and with dressier heels. Of course white jeans are perfect. But I would wear it also with espresso brown, charcoal gray, and metallics (like coated jeans). The neckline is so pretty (I'd wear it open for going out, closed for daytime office) and the detail on the sleeves is just beautiful. Don't miss this one if you're in the market for special.


4. BLUE Cotton SweaterRegularly $140, Insider price $112

Having just gone through a cold Spring in Nashville, and that's not to say we're done with it either (I remember snowy Easters in my past), I relived a typical predicament we all face during the change of seasons. What do you wear when it's cold/hot/cold, all in the span of a day? Wool can be too hot. Silk (and her manmade cousins), too thin. What we want are cotton sweaters that don't look like they came in bulk from a discount warehouse. Because that's what a lot of cotton sweaters look like. But here we have a star. I just looked at the tag and it's 100% Pima cotton. That explains it! I looked up why and found this: "Pima cotton is a higher-end type of cotton with a longer fiber than conventional cotton. It has a reputation for producing a smooth fabric that’s soft to the touch, wrinkle-resistant, and ultra-durable." In other words, it doesn't get shabby and pill, doesn't stretch out, and it looks rich. Of course, I went for navy because I'll wear it again in Fall with grey and brown.


5. Sail To Sable TunicRegularly $188, Insider price $150.40

So you know I'm always preaching cost per wear as an important part of making a decision when purchasing something. If you can wear it multiple ways, divide the price by that number. For instance, you can wear a white t-shirt a million ways, so they are basically cost-free. Likewise, you know I love the whole tunic as coverup by day / top over white jeans by night idea but it is really hard to find one that is long enough to be a coverup and short enough to be a tunic. More coming on this later this Spring. But this periwinkle blue tunic is SO CUTE I can hardly stand it. Since it'll serve double duty in your wardrobe, it's really only $84. True math. Please tell me you're not wearing old smelly, stained muu-muus to the pool. I cannot allow that, dolls. Step it up for yourself, and for everyone around you, especially other little girls who would love to see how a lady dresses poolside. Mkay cupcakes?



6. Saint James Dress (with UV protection), Regularly $175, Insider price $140

I do love a good nautical stripe. But, yes, these are also very difficult to do well. They are either too wide (which widens your frame) or too narrow (which makes you dizzy) but these are Goldilocks just right, probably because Saint James has been the iconic stripe-maker forever. I'm wearing the navy and white, but the other color combos are tempting, too. The boatneck looks good on every woman. AND THERE'S MORE. This is really good: the fabric has UV skin protection. It's like sunscreen without the smell or sticky lotion.


7. Cambio Stretch PantRegular $290, Insider price $232

You remember the Miracle pants don't you? Well, here I introduce you to the upgraded version. This fabric is divine. And the front seam makes legs look like they go on for days. I also have to say, I am of late, a big fan of the elastic waist. But this elastic waistband doesn't make the pants look frumpy, like most do. These pants are straight up expensive, and in my opinion well-deserved of the price. They are indestructible. Epitome of classic yet modern. Start with the putty or black. They recommend to order up a size; I didn't find I needed to, but you may want to.

I'm wearing "putty" but I also love the black, and the slate, and the navy, and the taupe, ...you get my drift. Get one of each!


8. SERPUI ClutchRegularly $276, Insider price $220.80

I have been so pensive about the loss of Karl Lagerfeld. I find myself thinking of him when I'm wearing black and white (very Chanel) or a fancy blazer with jeans (very Karl). When I saw this camellia clutch I swooned. The story goes that Chanel was presented with a bouquet of camellias by the love her life, Boy Capel, and its beauty has been associated with Chanel ever since. It's an iconic emblem that supercedes Chanel, but it feels very appropriate to honor this Spring.
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Thank you for stopping by, lovely friends! Happy Spring!




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