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Have you switched over your closet yet from Winter to Spring? Maybe you're one of the lucky ones who can fit all your clothes into one closet. I wish I were that curated, but as I like to say, I'm a "collector," so my "collection" of clothes won't fit into just one closet. In my defense I live in a 100 year old house so the closets are teeny. But, my master bath/closet is almost finished (the pink marble is in!). My new closet is graduating from teeny weeny to teeny tiny, but hey, it's something. So it's presenting me with the opportunity to cull the extraneous and organize what's left - last night I was able to get rid of 3 articles of clothing! Yay me. Even I may need the impartial opinion of an outsider to help.

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It makes sense for every woman, whether you have a huge walk-in closet or not, an endless budget or not, to shop your closet before you buy something new. Last week I was with a dear client of mine who is going to a white tie ball this Summer. I floated the idea to her that I didn't think spending a lot on a gown you wear once made sense, and she was fine with that. A few minutes later she came back in the closet with a gown she'd had for 20 years. Because she bought right the first time, it's classically beautiful, yet modern and current. And she looks so beautiful in it! Think how much she saved! It's moments like this that make me love what I do. I love to earn my keep 🙂

I practice what I preach , too. I have not bought an outfit for a specific event since I don't when. I am a hunter/gatherer. When I see something I know is good, very good, and I can afford it at the time, if I love, love, love it, I'll get it. About ten years ago, I bought this floor length, champagne liquid satin skirt, Ralph Lauren Purple Label, with nowhere to go. It was about a $2,000 piece I got for $200. I envisioned it with a cashmere sweater. So in January I went to the Governor's Ball and it was perfect.

Terrible picture, I know. I never seem to take photos when I need to.

And here's a top I featured on the blog during the holidays.

You can't tell (again, I"m not great at capturing the most opportune pictures) but I'm wearing it with wool pants and boots, above. And now here it is for Spring, reinvented, below. I'm wearing champagne-colored coated jeans (similar - found another pair, MW!), with Summer blush heels.

I do this all the time, wear the same things throughout the year, just in different combos, and when I'm shopping for myself or for clients, I ask myself, can this be worn in at least 3 seasons out of the year? That's how I end up with a lot of neutrals and classics. They mix and match with everything, and really stretch your budget. You can have fun with accessories to make outfits pop. You can see how I do this in a lot of my blogs:

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