Sneak Peek: July Must-Haves

Tina, here.

The month of July is full-on summer with a capital “S.” It’s peach cobblers, running around barefoot all day, fireworks at night and falling asleep under the stars if you’re lucky. I want you to bask in the wonder that is the American summer. I spent my summers growing up in a magical place called Monteagle where you got on your bike at 9:00 in the morning and ran wild and free until you collapsed on the front porch around midnight. Who knows what the parents were doing. We were playing Capture the Flag, caving, hiking, picking blueberries, swimming, watching the bats fly around the old auditorium where the movies played, and dancing to the jukebox. My first kiss was in Monteagle. Relive some of the magic of your youthful summers this month. The all-American summer is for everyone. It’s filled with lore and romance. Here’s what you’ll be wearing. After all, “America. It’s not just a good idea.” ~Bono

All New July Must-Haves

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