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Are accessories more conspicuous this Spring, or will we see a turn toward the inconspicuous in these days of a global pandemic and economic distress? Remember during the last recession women in NYC would carry their Bergdorf or Neiman's purchases in unmarked brown paper bags so as not to flaunt their wealth. Ya'll know my specialty has been, from the beginning, teaching women how to wear what you have the right way, how to stop making costly mistakes when you shop, and how to buy both classic wardrobe heroes and trendy throw-aways, the right way. Will we be buying Spring accessories? Are they necessary? No, but is chocolate necessary? It can still be possible if you purchase wisely.

You're probably thinking, how can I recession-proof my wardrobe? At least now you are. It's hard to think about spending money on a Spring wardrobe with panic all around us, and devastation around us here in Tennessee. Which is why we're talking about how to recession-proof your wardrobe inside the Vault! I'm teaching you 4 secrets of getting through a recession stylishly, wisely and generously.

Insiders, I've just released a brand new guide, [Insider's Only] How To Recession-Proof Your Wardrobe. 

[Insiders Only] How To Recession-Proof Your Wardrobe

Are you feeling the tug not to spend as much? We all are. The single worst mistake I see women make is not knowing how to mix and match what you already have. You do have some great pieces. I'm showing you how to find and wear them. If you're not an Insider, you can join our free trial and have instant access to this content, plus our latest video series and Guides. 


By the way, the response to my Clothing Drive for the TN tornado victims is outstanding. I practically cried today when a woman I'd never met showed up with 5 grocery bags she collected from her friends to donate. I hugged her, coronavirus be darned. I was so overcome by the generosity. So THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has dropped off clothing! I'm still collecting for about another week or two, and you can mail or drop off donations to 2039 Elliott Ave, Nashville, TN 37204. I love you all so much for doing this!

Update your Spring Accessories Wardrobe

Colorful, Whimsical Jewelry

There's no need to wear sackcloths this Spring. You can vastly improve your wardrobe with only a few fun pieces of jewelry. Be lighthearted. Make someone smile. Make yourself smile!

Flora & Fauna Handbags

I have books and books on flora and fauna decorating, jewelry and actual flora and fauna. It's one of my favorite motifs, and it's refreshingly popular right now. Because pretty is trending. THANK GOODNESS.

Woven Handbags & Totes

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If you have a collection of woven totes, handbags and clutches, yay you! They really never are outré, but they are definitely au courant right now, as with so many classics.

Block Heel Sandals, Thong Sandals

If you wear mostly flats but long to wear heels occasionally, this is your season to stock up on block heels. This is about the 3rd season or so we've seen them, which may mean we won't see them much longer. So get them now! And I have always carried a torch for thong sandals and pumps so I am especially happy.

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Insiders, don't forget to take a look at my latest guide: [Insider's Only] How To Recession-Proof Your Wardrobe. Also - have you seen our video series, My Very Own Closet Cleanout? It's pretty upclose and personal inside my closet(s).

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