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Have you had your inaugural pedicure of the season? Switched out your dark polish for a lighter, brighter color? Put away your heavy shoes and boots and brought out the open-toe sandals and wedges? It's time, which means it's also time to review the rules on what to look for in a spring shoe. Because if you're wearing the wrong shoe, your whole outfit goes capoosh. And we see the wrong shoes on women every day. Let's review quickly, shall we?

No wide ankle straps.

No wide ankle straps!

I love this image so much I keep using it to make the point. Point made.


No wide t-straps either. For the same reasons.

Stick to these simple rules and you'll be golden. There are exceptions. I make exceptions for myself. You can too. Just know you're not optimizing your best look when you do. You'll have shorter legs and wider ankles, but hey, if that's what you want, just don't tell anyone I approved it. haha

So here we go:

1. Everyone needs a classic nude pump or nude heel if you haven’t heard, and if you haven’t, are you living under an unstylish rock? Emphasis on classic because this is not a shoe you want to have to buy every other year. Buy it right and buy well and it will last for years to come and can be paired with whatever trend of the moment you are indulging yourself in (which also scares me a bit if done without supervision). Our Introductory Style Vault issue and the March issue include several options for the perfect nude pump for all (different heel heights, etc).  More info here.

Spring shoes

Swap out your dark black shoes for a lighter brown or nude pump or sandal. You can wear it with literally everything. And it'll lighten up your whole outfit.


2. You need a wedge because it gives you the stability of a flat with the height of a heel.  Opt for a low, hidden platform to keep the pitch less severe and thus more comfortable and wearable.  Our picks (several options) for you are available in recent Style Vault issues.


Wedges, next to white jeans, is my spring and summer signature. But watch out for the "rocking" effect; make sure the wedge is not so high that it teeters on the heel.

Spring wedges

Once the weather turns a bit warmer you can pull out your cork, raffia and straw wedges. And you can wear them into October. So buy right!

Vault members: I have found the perfect summer wedge in a soft leather, good height and the perfect camel color. We are doing a pre-order for May (because they are made to order) from a Nashville fave boutique. By this afternoon you can check inside April's Style Vault for the details

3. You need a grown-up flip flop that is neither made of rubber foam or decorated with grosgrain ribbon or bedazzled with leftovers from a crafts project.  We discussed this here already in case you need to be talked out of these non-adult flip-flops again. The grown-up flip-flop is your shoe you wear running Saturday errands with fun skirts or shorts, and it is the shoe you wear to the pool, and to a casual dinner later that night.  It is an adult shoe.  None of this cutesy sugary sweet flip flop thing allowed.  Our picks (several options) available for you in the March Style Vault and are still available in most widths. Find out more about how to shop the Style Vault here


I'm partial to these Jack Rogers flips. Available at Monkee's of Nashville.

flip flops

I'll also grab my leather barely-there flip-flops and wear with a pencil skirt and t-shirt on a Saturday running errands. They do double-duty as my pool shoe.

4. You need a going-out shoe you can wear to all the spring and summer weddings, showers, and graduations and to dinner on a Saturday night. You will wear this fun shoe with white jeans, a cocktail dress, and even a sundress.

Spring shoes

I love my pale gold metallic heels I've had for 10 years. Guess I don't do much walking in them like I am purporting to do here. They are mainly a walk from the car to the table or stand at a party shoe.

Spring shoes

The same metallic heel works with casual jeans, too. I love multi-use, versatile shoes!

5. You need a flat shoe or sandal, because that is the sensible thing to own.  Vault insiders have been shopping my picks for flats and sandals this spring. I have chosen several types and styles for all kinds of occasions (the city walking shoe, the Steeplechase flat, the flattering d'Orsay). Find out more here.  

Spring flats

Shorts, t-shirt and a fun flat. Skip the rubber flip-flop (we've been over this) and wear a flat instead!

6. You can still wear cowboy boots in the summer. I do on certain non-humid evenings. Just please don't wear them with short-shorts or short dresses. Mkay cupcakes?

cowboy boots

Same white dress as earlier with cowboy boots instead of the metallic heel. Make sure your boot doesn't hit mid-shin, but hits a little higher. Or your gams will look weird.


Now you know what you need for your spring shoe wardrobe. To shop for and purchase them without ever leaving your house, join the Style Vault. Get our style delivered to your front door. And enjoy exclusive savings just for Vault insiders. We never take kickbacks from affiliate links or advertisers so you can trust our advice is best for you

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