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Crop tops are weird. But they're everywhere. It's a crop top comeback. Why? Why? I don't know. Clearly everyone forgot about Britney Spears. I'm about to show you some of spring's trends I do not want you to be lured into buying by the salespeople who really, really think "you look great" in them and want you to buy them, which would be a mistake. 

Spears performing in 2003 at the NHL, I mean NFL Kickoff (that other league that struggles through a mere 20 games per season, #becauseitsalmostthecup). Photo by U.S. Navy Chief Warrant Officer 4 Seth Rossman via Wikipedia.

The navel is personal. Would you wear a two-piece at the mall, or in a restaurant? Ew. Kinda like wearing a two-piece at the beach can feel like wearing your lingerie. But the one is accepted and the other isn't. 

Here's how wearing a crop top comes off in real life. And she's even young.  

I mean it's not that bad. But it's not that great, either. Don't you want great? All the time? Photo by Thivierr via Wikimedia.

And you know it's really brilliant of the manufacturers because they can charge you more for a trend that actually costs half to make. 

You know what other trend really makes no sense to me? Culottes.  

Remember these? Wide leg shorts. Extra points if you know why I don't care for the sandals, either. Image.

I enjoyed these very much in kindergarten. So cute. And I wore my halter tops and tube tops and rolled down bobby socks, too. Oh the '70's were great. But let's leave those where they belong, back in the '70's. 
Same goes for cut-offs on adult women.
Spring Trends That Freak Me Out

Booo to the cut-off shorts on adults.

Spring Trends That Freak Me Out

Daisy Dukes belong in one place: on a Dukes of Hazard episode.


I'm also not a fan of flare jeans. Boot cut - heck yes. Flared/bell bottom? No. They are just too exaggerated of a silhouette for me. And they don't do for your figure what the bootcut does, which is balance your hips and shoulders with your legs to create that hour glass shape. Let's look at the diff.

Spring Trends That Freak Me Out

Flared jeans on the left. Are those even legs? And the slim bootcut on the right. Which make your legs look like legs. One reason is you can see the feet, which is a good clue.

Spring Trends That Freak Me Out

A closer side view of the flared bell bottom hippie boho jean. You can have the look with a faded rinse denim in a bootcut and achieve the slim silhouette you desire.

So now you know what I don't like. But you know what I do like for spring? Lots of things! I included my six must-haves plus entire outfits built around them in the soon to drop April Style Vault. I've done all your shopping for you. You're welcome. Find out how you can be a Style Vault Insider today.  April drops in just 6 days! Shop early to save!

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