Tina, here.

Have you noticed? Everyone is breathing a little easier these days. That's because there's more room in our clothes. We literally have more breathing room. Sleeves are fluffier, waistlines are looser, skirts are longer and pants legs are fuller. WHAT IS HAPPENING?

A revolution. Just like in the Shoe Kingdom, women (led by Vic Beck) said No more! to stilettos and bunions and the disappearance of padding on the ball of our feet, and so heels got lower and have been largely usurped by block heels, flats and sneakers, which have become de rigueur. And, notably, the almond toe has finally been given its due.

And so now, there are tectonic shifts in the way we wear our clothes.

Spring Trend: Relaxed Dresses

Relaxed is the new fitted.

Shifts vs. Pencil Dresses

See the hourglass shape of the dress on the right? My shift dress has no defined waistline. It's not too big for me; it's just not fitted. Hear that? This does not mean you can wear clothes that are baggy on you. One more time. This does not mean you can wear clothes that are baggy on you.

The new shape of clothes might be loose and relaxed. But not altogether oversized.

Relaxed Dresses, Shifts and Sheaths

Spring Dresses

A shift has to be cut well to maintain a degree of style so it doesn't go completely shapeless on you. Notice the drop sleeve, too.

Fitted Armholes

Even though there's a drop sleeve, the sleeves are fitted. If it's mostly shapeless through the midsection, we need to see the shape of your arms and/or legs. In a shift, go for fitted sleeves, a hem falling to your knees and not lower, and bonus points for a v-neck! (Insiders, shop more shift dresses inside the latest Spring Trends Style Vault.)

Relaxed Sweaters and Tops

Ladies, mind your proportions.

If it's "oversized" on top, it's fitted on bottom.


And you know if I'm wearing fitted pants, like an ankle pant (and especially when it's a hugger like leather), I want that sweater to cover my bum!


An oversized sweater (terracotta color on sale!) might be best to wear in a neutral color, so there is visually less of it; it's visually lighter.


And don't forget to push up those sleeves! Show your wrists!

Extra Wide Leg Pants, aka Pajama Pants or Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants were a pre-curser to patio pants. Soooo elegant. I remember when I was growing up seeing hostesses wearing palazzo pants at their house-parties, I guess because it was easier to move around in and take care of guests?


Wide leg pants and palazzo pants are not new, just new again. Make sure you hem them to where you can see the toe box of your shoes, and they better be almond-shaped or pointed, and not round!


These silk wide leg pants are on the dressy (and expensive) side, for sure, but don't shy away from wearing wide leg lounge pants with a t-shirt and sneakers! So very athleisure! (Insiders, shop outfits like this in the Spring Trends Must-Haves Vault.)

Approach this spring trend with caution. And you know I'll be watching. Just kidding! Have fun with looser-fitting clothes because we all know we can live more in them!

Thanks for reading!