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Merry Merry! Every holiday for the past three years I've brought you Stylish Delights all December long. Extending our stylish wardrobes into creating stylish environments seems a natural extension of living a stylish life! So we're kicking off the season today on December 1st! You don't want to miss any of it, so subscribe to the blog if you haven't already.

A Vintage Christmas

I've been feeling unusually nostalgic for the past 6 or so months. So much so that I've been buying back some of the old things I let go in yard sales or gave to Goodwill over the years. Thank goodness for eBay. And something else extraordinary has happened to me. My very white / no-pattern house is looking more colorful and pattern-filled. And I am decorating with red this holiday. RED, folks. This is different for me because I typically don't like wearing red or seeing red around my home. But over the past year, I've spent some time reading our family history and going through old photos of my grandmother's homes and the home I grew up in, and where we spent our summers. Happy and cheerful is how I would describe them. And pretty. Timeless and pretty. When my sister moved back here this Summer and we were unpacking her home, I realized how she had embraced this, and I had stifled it. So, while I still gravitate towards pale tones and neutrals, I am living with a little color and pattern, and bits of RED. And I'm happy. I hope my home is pretty and timeless.

Which brings me back to style - I hope your wardrobe makes you happy. And feel pretty. A timeless wardrobe built on the classics can achieve this for you. You don't need all new stuff every season. Or every year. But you do want some fun pieces during the holidays to add a little sparkle and feel a little more special! So we've got your Holiday 2018 Wardrobe Capsule (and I'm showing you how to wear it into January and even into Spring!) along with our Holiday 2018 Gift Guide, and today we're showing you Stylish Delights.

You know what December 1st means, right? CHRISTMAS MUSIC 24/7! I actually love Christmas music, but I like to pick my own. I don't like Christmas muzac or silly chipmunks or every starlet singing every carol known to mankind. So I make my own playlists. Every year I share mine with you, and I have a new one. I'll share all the past ones, too!

2015 Christmas & Holiday Cheer

2016 Joy, Joy, Joy

2016 Swingin' On New Year's Eve

2017 Christmas Peace

and your latest playlist:

2018 A Vintage Christmas


Merry Merry and enjoy,