Tina, here.

I've been wearing dresses almost every day for the past few weeks. Sitting at my dining room table working. Just sitting here in a dress. All ready to go somewhere. Or be spotted by the man of my dreams, who saw me through the window and had to knock on my door. Well, that sounds creepy, but try to think of it as romantic. The point is, I'm wearing dresses and no one is appreciating it. Except me. And Coco the cat. And I am just happy as can be with that, I've decided. After all, I started wearing them because it's SO DANG HOT. And I have them, hanging there in the closet, unworn. And they make me smile. So I thought, maybe you'd like to wear dresses, too, while you're walking around the house or sitting on your porch. Let's make this a pretty world.

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The Prettiest Summer Dresses Under $100


How about a monogrammed mask? Aren't these the cutest?! Our friend, you know and love, Suzanne Sevier is making them from her gorgeous fabrics.

Slightly Over $100

Ways To Style Your Dresses

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Thank you so much for stopping by - and remember, don't delay! Here today, gone tomorrow!





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