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May Day came and went without even a turn around the maypole, a wildflower garland or a nosegay at my doorstep. Life is full of disappointments. But onward we march into the merry month of May and everyone needs a summer topper.

Evenings can still be cool, and air conditioning inside restaurants or school gyms for graduations can be quite arctic. Spring jackets are a must, and here are some pretty ones!

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Summer Toppers and Summer Jackets

There are all kinds of toppers - denim jackets, cardigans, blazers, wraps. As I mentioned earlier, you've got to get the proportions right when you're adding a topper. Shrugs and boleros are notoriously difficult to get right. It's the perfect "3rd piece" that every outfit needs. That 3rd piece can be a piece of statement jewelry, a hat, any kind of accessory really, but one of the best ways to add a 3rd piece is with a topper. My pink tweed blazer (similar) is a statement, I'd say. Enough so that it's best paired with white to soften the neon blow.

How To Wear A Summer Jacket or Topper

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