Hey gals! It's Deidre. 

I'm taking over the blog for Tina today because I like to share my wisdom, too. A lot of my fashion knowledge has come from hanging out with her all the time anyways. We've become the best of friends in the past year, but I just recently let her shop for me about a month ago.

What took me so long to give her permission to spend my money? It may have been the fact that we are complete opposites in how we dress. She's classic. I'm boho. She wears neutrals. I wear floral. The list goes on. Or maybe it was because I refused to admit that I needed fashion assistance. Either way, you're about to find out how I spent the best $377 of my life.

Best $377 I Ever Spent

One reason we have so much fun is that we’re constantly cracking up at how opposite we are. But in all the unimportant stuff like how we dress and how hip I am and Tina isn’t. Kidding. But when it comes to important stuff like telling the truth, being there for a friend in need, and good food, we’re the same.


Tina and I have been working hard to bring you the Style Vault (I take the photos and film/edit all the videos) so we've spent a lot of time at the mall, consignment stores, and local boutiques to get great footage for the Vault. Most of the time we're "working," but every once in awhile she'll start browsing and point out an item she thinks I need. The stubborn side of me refused to ever believe she could pick out items I'd love. After several Mondays spent together at the mall, I started realizing that she probably really does know what she's talking about, even when it comes to my 28 year-old boho style.

Best $377 I Ever Spent

Tina, classic. Me, boho. Yin yang.


So right before my trip to LA, I gave Tina a $350 budget to buy and put together as many outfits as possible. We went a little over budget (at my insistence; she was adamant about sticking to my budget), and you'll be amazed at what she found.

I dumped the loot out on the bed when I got home. Tina yelled at me for not hanging it all up. Like, I've got other stuff to do. It can wait.


I absolutely hate to dig through racks. She loves it. I gave up after ten minutes of looking. She had a cart full of items for me to try just 25 minutes after walking into T.J. Maxx. Half of them made me scowl but I agreed to try everything on. What was one of the lessons I learned that day? Don't knock it til you try it. (A lot of these items are no-name brands and past season that we found at the Maxx, so if you're looking for similar items, you can email Tina at [email protected] But you better not be in your 40's or she won't let you wear half the stuff she let me buy.)

Outfit #1:

Best $377 I Ever Spent

Green pants- $16.99; top, Free People black top- $29.99; black tank- $5.99; wedgies and jewelry- my own. Tina hates them. I don't care.


I love Free People. Tina's not a huge fan, but she managed to find a Free People top that she approved of amidst the thousands of other items hanging on the racks in T.J. Maxx. I was so excited. And these green pants? I would have never imagined I would like them on me. How did she know I would love them?! I still ask myself that.

Outfit #2:

Best $377 I Ever Spent

Ombré top- $49.99 (Tina said this was worth the splurge); white ripped jeans- $29.99; booties and jewelry- my own.


I've never understood Tina's love for white jeans and always swore I'd never wear them. How the heck did she manage to find a pair that happened to be my style and fit so perfectly? I don't have a clue! She had a goal to get me in white jeans before summer, and she succeeded on our first shopping trip. These are actually off-white, so maybe it doesn't count? Yeah, right. Btw, Tina's favorite picks for white jeans can be found inside the Core Wardrobe Staples and March Style Vault. My pair isn't featured, but I don't take it personally. Turns out we found some common ground with this outfit. We both got the ombré top!

Best $377 I Ever Spent

I can't even believe this happened. White jeans happened to me.


Outfit #3:

Best $377 I Ever Spent

Free People velvet dress- $49.99; faded jean jacket- $19.99; nude suede Coach shoes- $129; jewelry- my own.


Clearly, the big splurge of the day was the Coach shoes Tina insisted I try. But don't they break her rules? Once I put them on, I just couldn't live without them. Plus, they added a little classic-in-my-own-way touch to this outfit. Speaking of, how did she find another Free People item that we both love? She has a serious gift.

Coach mules

I just love these so much and, yes, I know they go against what Tina says about wide straps. I like to think I can break the rules, though. I am a middle child after all.


Outfit #4:

Black mesh detail Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit- $44.99; heels my own.


I have a weird obsession with black jumpsuits, but it's so hard to find one I love that fits right. Of course, Tina found one on the second try. It's actually starting to get annoying how good she is at this. I try on a jumpsuit every time I go shopping and only have one hanging in my closet. Until now. I love the mesh fabric on the top. It gives it a sporty feel. Tina says mesh is the new sheer. I really started to believe what she was saying by the time we got to outfit #4.

Black jumpsuit and jean jacket

So now I get her cost per wear rule. She said try the jean jacket and the nude Coach heels with the jumpsuit. Well whatdya know, that works too.


I learned so many things during this shopping trip, but here are the most important:

1. Just because a stylist dresses completely different than you, doesn't mean she won't put you in items that you love.

2. Don't judge an item of clothing before you try it on.

3. I wouldn't have wasted so much money on all my low-quality items I've only worn once if I would have trusted a professional a lot sooner.

It's quite astonishing how much better you feel when you are wearing clothes that fit and flatter you, but if you're anything like me, it's hard to figure out exactly what that is on your own. I had no idea I was wearing so many wrong items until I started paying attention to what Tina was telling me.

If you live in Nashville, you should know she has this fab team of stylists and they are cool enough to get you VIP in-store discounts and other perks! Some of their clients event get to come see me for a half-price blowout at The Blowout Co so their hair is just as fab as their new clothing. But if you're too far away to shop with them, go see what we've been working so hard on each and every month. The Style Vault gives you access to all of all Tina's favorite items and she even shows you how to wear them. Don't worry, there's nothing from Free People in there, but she'll keep you modern and current with her top picks for the everyday woman. You can thank me later!

Have a great hair and outfit day,


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