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It's been circulating in certain circles, this little rumor. "Skinny jeans and side parts are for middle-aged women." I heard if first from a client of mine in California, and we know whatever hits the fashion scene hits on the coasts first. She saw something about it on tik tok I think. Then last week I read a story in the Wall Street Journal about this refreshing news. Old news, may I point out - I saw it coming last Spring and in fact wrote a whole blog on how slim and straight jeans would replace skinny jeans (consult that blog for a field guide on buying the right slim and straight jeans - there's a pretty wide margin of error). My friend Deidre loves it when I do this, rattle off all the trends I called waaay before they hit mainstream (I should be hired as a trendspotter, which is SO ironic because I don't adopt trends really ever). Some  of my best examples of trendspotting over the years (some of these were micro-trends) - patio pants (the cropped flare), costume jewelry and cameos, loafers, denim shirts, fashion sneakers, ..but I digress. Skinny jeans are being replaced, and that's what you need to know. With what? Slim and straight jeans. Again, I implore you to read the rules on straight jeans because the offenders are everywhere. Here's another good resource: [Video & Download Guide] Bootcut Or Skinny Jeans - Which One Should You Be Wearing?


So, skinny jeans are tiiiight around your ankles and get hung up on your calves. Even my skinny calves. It's so irritating. But what's more irritating is when skinny jeans puddle around your ankles ---> kankles. But slim jeans give you some wiggle room. They're not quite straight, and not skinny. They must be slender through the hips and thighs. That's very important.

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Mine are Ralph Lauren, the Tomkins. They call it a skinny, but I think that's for google search purposes, and because no one is searching for slim. But I feel like they are more slim than skinny. You'll also see slim jeans labeled kick flare, or straight cropped. Basically you just have to look at the leg shape.

Slim Jeans (that may say they are Skinny, Straight, or even Cropped)

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