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When I featured this blazer on the blog in July, it sold out. Then it was re-stocked, and it sold out again. I'm still getting requests for it! So I've scoured and scoured, and turned up some options and alternatives for you so you can recreate the look. (Shop the look at the end of the post.)

So what is it about this cool blazer? The color, cognac, and the fit, old-school.

(Btw, dolls, sorry about the repeat emails some of you received over the last week. We experienced a slight hiccup with the technology fairies but we're back in their good graces and everyone is living happily ever after now.)

First, the color. Cognac (say it with me, kon-yack), is just the best. Usually, it's on my hard-to-find list, but this year, it is in abundance. So stock up while you can. It's in the brown family (which is HUGE this Fall, can I get an amen) a warm reddish-orange, like the drink, or like the glow of a fire. It's a neutral that looks magnificent with other neutrals such as black, grey, tan, and, duh, white and ivory (because every color is improved next to white and ivory).

Second, the vintage-y feel. Corduroy without the embroidered whales. Double-breasted or single breasted works, but if you go the double route, make sure the blazer is F-I-T-T-E-D because all those rows of buttons can add width to your frame.

A symphony of Autumn neutrals. Notice my ivory top with white jeans.


Isn't cognac next to black so rich and yummy! This woven handbag with the bamboo handle is my new favorite Fall handbag. Take a look, but if you want to purchase the bag, or are enticed by any of the other lovely offerings on this site (like the necklace I'm wearing), hold tight because next week you'll have the chance to save on this and all my favorite Fall investments with a special discount coming your way!

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Shop The Look

More expensive options:

Here are some more cognac items I love (and Insider Members, did you catch the video I posted inside your private Facebook group of me trying the cords on and showing you how they should fit?)


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Happy shopping! And if you already own these must-haves, use these collages as outfit inspirations. Thank you for visiting.





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