The Humble T-Shirt Is A Spring Wardrobe Wonder

Tina, here.

I've become way too comfortable in cotton lately. I think it's the cold weather (it snowed last week in Nashville - if you were awake at 4am trolling Pinterest like I was, you saw it!), plus the need for washable clothing when you have a puppy. I seem to collect t-shirts and I am particularly fond of long sleeve t-shirts. Take this one. Scoop necks and v-necks are required. No crew neck t-shirts cause you'll end up looking as though you have a quite wide bust. That little open space at your neck opens you up and creates length.

A typical t-shirt is really intended to wear very casually. I like this Premium Cotton-Blend Women's Long Sleeve T-Shirt with jeans or athleisure. Like yoga pants. Which I prefer you to call running pants so you'll only wear them when you run (or walk the dog).

If you need to add some length to your t-shirts, wear a non-ribbed tank underneath that is a bit longer. The hem peeking out beneath is very casual, so don't try this for cocktails. Oh, by the way, t-shirts, cotton ones, will shrink into squares. Hold up a new t-shirt to an old cotton one. Look at the difference in shape. T-shirts shrink in length, not width, so your t-shirts will go from being nice rectangles to boxy squares. Just like jeans. They shrink in length not width.

But I love it when I can take a good working-class t-shirt and upgrade it to first class. You'll probably want to tuck it in and add some fancy pants or a skirt. This is high-low. A scarf will take it up even one or two more notches. Just pop it right over your jewelry. Nothing too precise here.

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If you can aim for the middle ground and wear your tee with boots and some jeans on the grocery run or to a quick lunch, you're doing great. I mean, how many of us get to meet our girlfriends for cocktails on a regular basis? Your t-shirt is now really working hard for you!

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