Tina, here.

Hello there five pounds I never had before. You sure seem at home with me, but I have news for you. You're not at home. You're like the annex. The temporary, wobbly extension of me about to get the boot. While I'm working on that, you'll be hiding under my very chi chi elastic waist pants, because ugly elastic waist pants are for permanent fixtures.

Normal elastic waist pants, aka yoga pants aka mommy's crotch & bum pants aka hide your children.

Suede ankle pants that happen to have an elastic waist. My new yoga pants! Even when I don't feel great, if I wear the good clothes I have, I'll feel better. It's science. Good outfits are mood-altering substances. Why? You'll smile more. You'll walk with better posture. You'll make eye contact with more people. So what I'm saying is, dress for the body you have. Life is short. Do yourself a favor and wear your good clothes today. Look and feel great today. Don't save your "good" pants for another day.

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When you throw on your elastic waist good pants, then you are welcome to add your athletic top, but please cover your bum with a long sweater or jacket. Add boots or sneakers and voila you don't look like a gym rat or like someone who has this on the tip of her tongue when you run into her, "ohhhh I was hoping I didn't run into anyone I knew today because I look like this!" No, on the contrary, you will look amazing! Because you're wearing pants. Real pants.

The great thing about good elastic waist pants is that you can wear them at multiple weights, give or take 10 pounds in either direction. So you don't have to buy new clothes. HOWEVER, if you have stinky, stained yoga pants you are eyeing every morning and trying to make look cute, ...step away. You need real pants. Real pants with an elastic waist. Shop these below. And don't miss all the fab new items in our "Shop" where you can find all my Latest Loves!

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