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Why is it, when there are hoards and hoards of summer tops coming at your inbox everyday from retailers' unceasing emails, that a good one is hard to find (much like "a good man" 😉 )? Doesn't it seem like most of these blouses are super young and trendy, though? Even from the ole faithfuls like J.Crew. As ephemeral as Summer seems, it's the longest season of the year, at 94 days. Lots and lots of days of needing cool tops, and we of a certain age don't want a summer wardrobe of tees and shorts anymore.

I'm not saying we're going to be wearing blouses every day, either. Especially if they have to be dry-cleaned. But what about exchanging the tees and shorts/skorts for blouses and skirts a day or two a week? If you work outside the home (and I wonder how much we'll be doing that this Summer), you're probably not showing up in shorts, but I bet your wardrobe isn't heavy on Summer blouses either. If you are a different size on top than on bottom, blouses are perfect for you because dresses are harder to fit. I remember on one of the Paris Shopping Trips I used to take, one of the travelers said to me as we entered a beautiful Parisian shop, "oooh I love blouses!" and we proceeded to buy the most glorious blouses (40% off because I took my trips during the January sales). Now that so many blouses can be washed at home, indulge yourself! Wear a blouse with jeans. Maybe even shorts! And of course, you can dress them up with skirts.

Pretty Blouses With Jeans

My blouse (it's an old Joie, but here's similar) is 100% silk, so it does require dry-cleaning, but sometimes when a blouse is pretty enough, I'll buy it anyway. I'm probably a little more judicious about when I wear it, but I try not to "save it"! You don't have to tuck yours in, but if you caught the newest Insiders guide, you know the secret to tucking, no matter your shape.

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Pretty Summer Blouses

How To Style A Blouse With Jeans

I wish I had a better picture to show you my shoes - they are an old, old pair of Donna Karan's with a lucite heel. Every time I wear them people stop me because of the lucite. So I wanted to give you a couple options similar!


Dressing Up A Pretty Blouse

Obviously, a feminine blouse worn to a wedding or out to dinner makes for such a pretty outfit. Don't not dress up when you have the chance! Seize the moment! Allow yourself to feel beautiful. If you worry your legs are too pale, put this lotion on after you shower to give you a little color. I'm in a white skirt, because, duh, I collect white clothes, but, just like white jeans, it's the best color to show a pretty colorful blouse. If you don't want to wear white, I've given you a couple other options.

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