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Take this quick quiz for me. Kardashian (Kim) or Kelly (Grace)? BCBG or Barbour? Uggs or Stubbs and Wootton? Wicker and rattan belong in... a beach house or ...trick question - where DON'T they belong? Blue-and-white porcelain is something your great-aunt collected or...literally everything. Sometimes I just have to laugh that there's been an 85 year-old woman trapped in my body since I was 25. But that's probably because I've been channelling my grandmothers who both had such lady-like style, from fretwork and monograms to matching pumps and handbags, to gloves and brooches, and visiting the beauty parlor once a week. Did you know there's a new term for this old-school aesthetic? Grandmillennial (this article is where I pulled borrowed part of the quiz). The problem is, I'm too old to even be a member of that set. I guess that makes me just plain ole old-fashioned. But I refer to it as good taste. Classic style. And we are seeing a resurgence of the popularity of Classic Style. Hands up to praise God in the heavens above!

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Take skirts. Everyone is wearing them. Skirts are the new dress. They are so feminine. Who remembers Cullinane?

I had matching Cullinane sweaters and skirts. Oh what I would give to have some of them now. The grandmillennials would go bananas over them.

Pleated skirts are even more of a thing. Sometimes I have to eat my words. It's so good for personal and professional growth, don't you think? I used to say, NO PLEATED SKIRTS. But like every decree I issue, there are exceptions. Take pleated skirts, which are a classic that has turned up trendy as of late. IF the pleats fall directly from the waistline, THEN that's horrible. People might think your belly is distended. Ew. IF the pleats fall from a dropped waist around your hips, THEN that's ok. It's the same reason why pleated pants on men make them look puffier. Pleats = more material, which = more volume over an area you probably don't want to enlarge. Let's have a look.

The right ones are SO hard to find! I had a skirt like this years ago, and I loved it. During one of my crazy purges, I let it go, and of course I've wanted it back ever since. But don't take this as permission to keep all the things you know you need to get rid of - if you're reeeeeaaally not sure, I tell my clients to put it another closet far, far away from your bedroom, and if you don't miss it over a 6 month period, then let it go for good. My purges are usually crazy fast "get rid of everything RIGHT NOW" explosions, and I send it all off to Goodwill before I eat my next meal. And that's the end of that. But guess what?!?! My years-long search to replace my give-away pleated skirt ended with this treasure from a consignment shop in Nashville just recently. Look real closely and you'll notice the pleats are right. They fall from my hips and not my tummy. (Shop my favorite pleated skirts and see how to wear them below, plus new classic outfits.)


Shop The Look: Grandmillennial Style, aka The Classics

You may notice that on some of these skirts the pleats suspend from the waistline, not the hips. They are the exceptions, mkay cupcakes? I've also included some inverted pleat skirts and box pleat skirts. There's a skirt for everyone!

Clockwise from top left: Boden Cardigan (multiple colors), $75  | Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Fitted French Cuff Dress Shirt, $98  | J.Crew A-line midi skirt in duchess satin (multiple colors), $148 | Sandro Belt With Rhinestone Buckle, $125 $62.50 | Marc Fisher LTD. Pink Leopard Pumps, $160 | Aspinal Of London Lion Large Essential Flat Pouch, $150

Clockwise from top left: Bella Pearl Double Pearl Stud Earrings (Amazon), $80.63 | J.Crew
Pleated midi skirt in snakeskin print, $148 $118.99 |  Anthropologie Sonia Belt, $68 | Ann Taylor Pearlized Cardigan, $129 | Journee Collection Lutana Women's Bow Pumps, $69.99 $59.99 | Aspinal Of London Large Essential Flat Pouch, $110 |

Clockwise from top left: Goldtone Clip Hoop Earrings (Amazon), $52.78 |  AQUA Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater (multiple colors, one review says it runs short), $178 $99 | Talbots Luxe Suede Pencil Skirt, $299 | Sole Society Knee High Boot, $140 - $160 | Tory Burch Large Lee Radziwill Leather Bag, $798 | Chunky -Tone Bracelet (Amazon), $78.56 | Talbots Plaid Scallop Cape, $229

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