This is THE Pattern For Summer: Gingham (Plus Black Sandals 101)

Tina, here.

Just like off-the-shoulder tops and crochet dresses, gingham is still a thing this Summer. I mean, it's been a thing since forever. I've always put clients in a little gingham every Spring and Summer (if they're inclined), but it just so happens that what is a classic, is now also trendy.

There is more than one way to wear gingham. It's not as Hee-Haw as you think, and you can probably get away with wearing it if you avoid cut-off jeans or being caught in a hayfield. Try it on like this: with a little high-low kick. What's thought of as campy kind of pattern can be dressed up and taken out to a chic outdoor cafe.

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The accessories are important. A dear friend of mine recently asked me a very good question. In the age of nude shoes, when do we wear black shoes, and especially in summer, if at all?

I intentionally wore black sandals with this outfit so you could see how to pull off black shoes when you're as pale as I am. This creates high contrast. The problem comes when you're in a skirt or a dress and there's all this leg between the hem and the feet. Black shoes can weigh down the outfit, and make it seem bottom-heavy. Unless you are wearing very airy and strappy black sandals. Translation: if you don't have a tan or dark skin, we need to see a lot of your feet, and not as much shoe. So, peeptoes, toe cleavage, ankle straps, lace ups, anything but clunky, heavy shoes. You're wondering: can you wear black suede in summer? Yes. Suede and black patent are fine - they are both year-round.

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You know I love a good two-for-one look. Here's how I wear my gingham skirt to bop around in during the day when I need to look put-together but not too dressed. White t-shirt and Converse, of course!



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