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Do you find that you spend more time at home these days? I have become such a homebody, and I'm fine with that. JOMO and all that. (joy of missing out) I guess it's more true during the winter months. My sister and I are already planning our activities when her children are home - baking cookies, putting together puzzles, playing cards and Rummicub, dancing around the house to Christmas music, watching Hallmark Christmas movies (and the Dolly one over and over and over). You're picturing darling children in smocked dresses and youngsters who still believe in Santa Claus, aren't you? Actually, we're all well into our adult years. But does that really matter, and no Scrooges are allowed to answer that question. What do you do with your family? Please share! But of course, we don't do all this naked 😳 so what are you going to wear?

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Let's take a look at my top picks for your holiday home style, including a cozy velvet pants, an easy tunic and a luscious wrap. And the best part? As comfortable as these pieces are to lounge at home in style, they can be, can you guess? Dressed up for an outing! Nothing is worth buying if you can't use it in multiple ways, right?

Velvet Pants

Keep in mind dolls, why it's important to be your best self at home, which includes feeling good about yourself and what you're wearing - during the holidays, home is where you make the sweetest memories with your family and you don't want your children or grandchildren remembering you in stained t-shirts and saggy-bottom pants. Velvet is soooo cozy. Think of it like holiday yoga pants.


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And here's how you dress them up for a little holiday shindig - trade your slippers and oversize sweater for a dressier top or sweater, pretty flats or pumps and add sparkly jewelry. Done.

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My sweater is the Pashma Silk Cashmere Sweater.


It's easier to go a bit roomy on top, but never really a good idea to wear saggy, oversized bottoms. A tunic is brilliant, really. It's roomy, yet polished at the same time because it has a collar (typically) and a shaped hem. Some are knits, some are woven cottons or linen, which can be a bit more polished. Can you guess what my favorite tunic is? A white tunic. Because I'm addicted to white clothes. At home, just add slim pants (because you've got something roomy on top, you need to counterbalance it with a slim pant or ankle pants, not a skirt and not full pants) and comfy flats.


To dress up the tunic, give it a good ironing, add a sleek ankle pant and fun flats or pumps. And this tunic is year-round!

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My tunic is the fabulous Hinson Wu Betty White Stretch Cotton Shirt  and my pants are Peace of Cloth Jerry Silver Stretch Sateen Pant.

A Luscious Wrap

Is there anything better than curling up in a warm, soft blanket? Maybe a child's hug, but this is second best. If you have a little throw, you can even take it from the sofa back and toss it over whatever you're wearing, and voila you have an outfit!

If you want to see how I'm using wraps and tartan throws in my holiday decor, hop on over to the new Insiders' post, [Members Only] Deck Your Halls & Trim Your Home With This Gorgeous Holiday Decor.

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A wrap can dress up an outfit as well. Toss it over a little dress, even a short-sleeve or sleeveless dress in the winter. There's something so elegant about draping a wrap over your shoulders I've always thought.

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My dress is the Sail to Sable Black Textured Button Neck Dress.

I hope you will enjoy making memories in your home with your family and friends. And just think, the more cozy and comfy what you're wearing is, the more snuggles you'll get from those around you!

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Happy shopping and Merry Merry!





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