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July is what we always called high summer. My favorite July colors are peach and blackberry. I like to see them in pretty bowls, in pies and cobblers, and in the hands of little ones licking their lips with the joy of everything Summer has to offer us. I hope to visit Seaside. It's been synonymous with high summer to me since the late '80's. (However, now I like going in September when it's a little quieter!)

My July Must-Haves are all under $100! I don't believe in investing a whole lot in a Summer wardrobe. You can get away with inexpensive wash-and-wear pieces that look clean and polished, even a white t-shirt with a black pencil skirt for the office (or the reverse, as I've shown here).

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July Must-Haves Under $100

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This month's must-haves are particularly special because, all six being under $100, it makes it easy to mix and match with some of your "investment" pieces you already own. Like for instance, when you pair a fun summer print blouse with a nice, crisp white pant, and a fun (though splurge) bag, the blouse seems more important. I also love the nods to our country's heritage and celebrating the Fourth and our Founding Fathers. (related: Fourth Of July Style) I have found that whenever I post shift dresses, they sell out, so I keep finding them and this one would be perfect for the Fourth (plus it has POCKETS!). Ok, don't get all worked up when you see the sneaker I added to the must-haves. I thought they looked weird, too, until I put them on. They are actually cute in that "if you're going to wear comfortable shoes, they better be funky so they don't look frumpy" way. But seriously you will FREAK OUT over how comfortable they are. I first stumbled upon them with girlfriends last summer at Rosemary Beach in a darling little store. We all bought some. You'll see how to wear them below (they come in lots of colors).

1. Botanical Blouse

It's easy to wear print and color in the Summer. After all, why have white jeans if you can't pair them with something a little more loud? White jeans dress down this blouse, while you can dress them up with this INCREDIBLE white pant. I have put so many of my clients in these Lafayette Gramercy pants because they are SO comfortable, well-cut, and truly work on every bod type. Do you know how difficult it is to find a good white dress pant? VERY. This one does quite well to fill that need. (It's not see-through, it's substantial enough to provide coverage, without being so heavy and hot.)


2. White Scalloped Skirt  (more sizes here)

3. Shift Dress

Don't miss the pockets! This is an easy, cool dress to wear this Summer. Add a little jacket to dress it up, and a pump. Go casz in summer sandals and fun costume jewelry.


4. Peach V-Neck Tee

This peach color flatters your complexion, yes, yours (everyone's).


5. Ilse Jacobsen Slip-On Sneaker

These are machine washable. Travel in them. Go to the beach in them. Play tennis in them? Maybe. Walk everywhere in them. The only rule is that you MUST show your ankles when wearing pants with them (i.e. skinny pants).


6. Cropped Jacket

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