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Now released! I've been getting a lot of questions about jeans, what's in and what's out, and what are the biggest mistakes we are making right now. So I put together a video to share with you all the do's and don't's about straight (don't, except with one caveat), skinny (depends on how skinny), cropped (they can work if you do it right, but not too cropped), slim (love!), bootcut (worship!), etc etc and how to wear the right jeans this Spring once you have them.

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Shopping For Jeans: Slim, Straight, Cropped and Bootcut

Here are some great jeans from each category I break down in the video, but a word of warning first....

Don't Trust The Labels

You have to be careful with labels - just because the label says slim or straight or even skinny doesn't mean they are. For example, the term slim can be confusing. Are they skinny? Straight? They're not flare, we know that. They're somewhere in between, not skinny like jeggings, but not straight like tree trunks. Case in point, these jeans below are labeled slim but these are clearly tree trunk straight jeans. You can tell because the width of the opening at the ankles is the same width as the knees. If they were skinny, the ankle opening would be narrower, and if they were bootcut, the opening would be wider. Straight jeans are the same width all the way down from the hips to the knees to the ankles. Zero shape. Zero attractive. Also known as men's pants.

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Straight Jeans

Remember, these only look good if they are cuffed and hit right at the ankle bone, and are fitted through the hips and thighs.

Skinny Jeans and Slim Jeans

Kick Flare and Kick Cropped Jeans

Remember, these only look good if you can see your ankle bones, and are not much higher than your ankle bones. Notice they are fitted through the hips and thighs.

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