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How excited are you to be moving ever closer to those magical words, Spring Break? Unless of course you're me and don't get one. But I still feel like I operate on the school calendar even though I pretty much work straight through all school breaks and holidays. Don't feel sorry for me. I love what I do and am happy writing all day about life connected to a backdrop of good or bad outfits, or talking to clients all day about their wardrobes and life and how one affects the other. Or, as in the case of most days, alternating between the two.

When I first started this company in 2007, I'd begin every day answering emails and doing the "numbers and business stuff," then I'd see 2 - 3 clients a day, then come home and write til about 9:00 at night. I was crazy. I did this 6 days a week. For years and years. My friends barely saw me, by the way, and I had a guy tell me once that in order to date me he actually needed to see me. Now, at least from what I'm hearing in the publishing/social media world, is that people want fewer emails in their inboxes, but more instagram content. Dolls, this is my weak point. I have a block against social media. I mean, having my picture taken and writing about myself is hard enough, but on top of that to be in an industry that expects me to video myself and show you what I wear, eat and think all day? I mean, I get sick of myself so I can't imagine what you'd think. When people first started "blogging" like a hundred years ago, I remember a friend of mine and I reading some of them in horror and saying, "I cannot believe someone would actually be so self-absorbed and egocentric to think that strangers would be interested in their daily opining." So when I started this blog, I was mostly horrified at myself, but took one for the team, realizing that my clients needed a way to stay connected with me in between appointments. And the fact that I always knew what the best classics are, what the next thing coming down the pike would be, what should never come back, who had what on sale, and the best examples of how not to wear something, it felt like my duty. The blog took off to my surprise. Our largest audience is in California, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee and New York. And every state is represented, even some foreign countries. I think it's maybe because I'm not just all about worrying about what to wear to look hip or skinny, or trends or adding more stuff to your closet.

We're all just trying not to look stupid, and if I can help with that so we can all get on with loving and serving the people in our lives, then I can be ok with that being my job.

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