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One of the worst fashion fouls is wearing color wrong. Like wearing red and black. Or blue and black. It's just so, um, throwing up in a crayon box. Or dressing like a cheerleader. We call it "game day colors." Think about it... See what I mean?? Plenty of you fabulous dressers wear color on the reg, so I always like to include my own how-to for wearing color.

How To Wear Fall Colors

1. Tone-on-Tone Colors

You won't tick people off or require them to squint when talking with you. Like groutfits, I like to wear tone-on-tone colors together.

It's so weird that I love my red pants. But I do. To say I don't wear color that often is an understatement. But every now and then I get a hankering for something different. I think it keeps my brain moving. Kind of like crossword puzzles and taking a different route home once a week. It's good to keep your mind guessing. And these are soooooo off-kilter from my largely neutrals wardrobe.


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2. Pair Color With White, Ivory or Grey

Primary colors pair so well with white or ivory. Do this experiment for me, will ya? Go back into your closet and pull out a black sweater. Now put it with a red skirt or bright blue dress. Don't go blind. Now, put away the black sweater and grab a white or ivory jacket or sweater. Look at it with your blue dress or red skirt. SO MUCH BETTER. Not as jarring. Not as kindergarten crayon box. More sophisticated.

Red + White = Clean & Bright. Red + Grey = Smooth & Sophisticated. Red + Black = Dawgs or Dynasty.

Bright red with ivory pants, and I slipped in some pink velvet pumps for a little interest and suggestive tone-on-tone.

Navy looks so great with white. So classic. BUT, navy does look good with black. There are exceptions to the rule, see? Colors that do look good with black? Navy, earth tones like green, and sunset colors like blush and cabernet. Confused? Just stick with me. I'll keep you from looking weird.

One color that looks great with every other color under the sun? Grey. Christian Dior painted all his salons in Paris grey because it's the best color to showcase every other color, like his gorgeous pink satin and green brocade gowns and even canary yellow numbers.

Now, wear your colors boldly and confidently! Pairing with white or grey, you'll never go wrong.

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