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Here's where it all started for me. How to wear neutrals. People think I'm like those decorators who, because they work with color all day, by the time they get home they want to unwind in a quiet zone of neutrals and solids. But I've been wearing neutrals together for years, long before I started doing wardrobe consulting. Here's why:

  1. Neutrals are classic and timeless. Think about the most well-dressed women in recent history. For their day-to-day lives, many of them stuck to a wardrobe of neutrals. Lauren Hutton. Audrey Hepburn. C.Z. Guest.
  2. Neutrals allow you to get more mileage out of every piece you own because everything goes together.
  3. Neutrals allow you to play with accents like fabulous shoes and jewelry, letting them take the leading role of an outfit.

So how do you wear neutrals without looking boring? Or being bored with your wardrobe?


Start with a tone-on-tone outfit. (Don't worry; it doesn't have to be all white.)


Take a completely neutral outfit: a white tee with white jeans. Could be all black. Or white and black. But if you start here, you need something to break it up.


A bold necklace and some other well-placed accessories can break up the onesie look.


I chose my accents to be ivory and gold. So daring I know.

Add an accent color for your accessories, to pop against the neutrals.

NEUTRALS with a pop of color

Use a primary color as your accent, like turquoise. You could change out all the white for ivory or black, which would both look amazing with turquoise jewelry.

NEUTRALS with a pop of color

I do NOT suggest matching your shoes to your belt and handbag. That's too matchy-matchy.

Layer your look with texture.


Texture is a great way to make neutrals interesting (see it up close below).


I've got on a textured seersucker white blouse, with horn bangles, and brown suede shoes with a raffia-wrapped wedge.

NEUTRALS and dotted swiss

And I love dotted swiss. Since I do wear mostly neutrals, and mainly in whites, ivories and camels, I am always on the look out for interesting pieces with good texture. Shop a similar blouse here (on sale!), and Style Vault Insiders, don't miss all the new neutrals just added for you to shop inside the July Style Vault, Style Notes section.

Wearing Neutrals with a pop of color

It's not too much to mix in a pop of color with texture when you're wearing tone on tone, as I am here in white jeans and an ivory swiss dot blouse with turquoise jewelry.

wearing neutrals with turquoise jewelry

None of my turquoise jewelry exactly matches, and that's ok. The modern way to wear jewelry is to mix up related but not matching pieces. Style Vault Insiders, shop some great jewelry inside the July Style Vault this month! For more info click here

NEUTRALS, crochet dress

And my crochet skirt I've had for almost 10 years - yes, I was ahead of the trend here - is perfect with a plain white tee because the skirt is interesting enough on its own. I also am always looking for a good dress in a neutral with interesting details. Style Vault Insiders, shop now several styles of gorgeous neutral dresses just added to the July Style Notes. Buy what you want! No commissions added on, and no surprises at your door!

Instead of wearing a one color outfit, or tone-on-tone, layer different but complimentary neutrals together.


Can't bring yourself to wear the full tone-on-tone look from head to toe? No problem. Mix in other neutrals, or just add a bright pop of color instead.

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Photos by Krissy Leigh Creative