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A pop of color is the wardrobe equivalent of a facelift. And lord knows I need one of those since I've sworn off all fillers and in-office treatments. But by definition, a facelift procedure would also be off limits (not something I've ever wanted to do). If you want to know more about my thoughts on aging gracefully and "non-procedurally" you can watch that little video here. But color is a great way to lift your spirits and brighten the day of those around you. I'm queen of the neutrals so introducing any amount of color is kind of a big deal. I went right for the big statement. Pink pants. You don't have to go that far, and I've given you some ideas of other, more subtle ways to life your spirits on a dreary Winter day. But you know the rule, right, of how to wear color? With other neutrals of course (aka, not with black).


Pop Of Color - Facelift For Your Wardrobe



My pink velvet jeans I ordered (that link is for the exact pair I ordered) were a bit shiny for my taste when they arrived, but after I washed them, they calmed down a bit. I figured they would.


While we're on the subject of sweaters...

Fisherman Sweaters

If you don't have a fisherman sweater, or if you do and it's the wrong kind (bulky, chunky, makes you sweat), this is the kind you need.


Notice the little notches at the sides of my fisherman sweater. It breaks up the plane, and lends shape to your hips, so there's not just a big swath of cables encircling your hips. This is really true of any heavy winter sweater - make sure there is some effort at shape so you don't look like the abominable snowman.



More Winter Outfits With A Pop Of Color

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