Wear Your Good Clothes... Everyday

Tina, here.

Have you read about the happy people dressing for cocktail hour in their homes before dinner, or inviting their children to a formal dinner at the table, or just wearing a dress and lipstick all day, just because? I want to be friends with these people. We can be these people!

My clients know I encourage them to wear their good clothes and to wear their good jewelry, today.  Make memories in your special pieces now before it's too late! A client said to me one day, why don't we wear our good clothes? Well, why don't we? We have a profoundly good reason to start now.

I think we all know the power of a good pair of heels, or a beautiful dress to put a little kick in our step. It's emotionally uplifting and joy-producing, and now more than ever before we are at home with our loved ones around the dinner table or playing games, that is, making memories during an especially difficult season for our country. I'm not saying we need to all wear our stored-for-5-years long gown to supper tonight. But what if you wore a dress? And asked your loved ones to wear a dress shirt? And maybe used your good china and silver? Lovelies, let's just try it! I live alone, and it can be lonely, but I do love a good traditional custom, like taking tea or having cocktails or dressing the table. I think I'm going to pull out my good pieces for dinner, and I may even start wearing sundresses to sit at my desk and work.

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Will you think about wearing your good clothes? And I would just adore it if you'd send me pictures of you and your family doing the same! You can tag me on instagram or email them to me. It would make my day!

Wear Your Good Clothes Everyday

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1. Pair Casual Tops With Your Dress Pants

These are my all-time favorite pair of white pants, and that's saying a lot, seeing as how I have, or used to have a gazillion pairs. During my recent closet clean out, I got rid of the ones that are just ok because why wear those when I could wear this fabulous pair! They are what I call a ski pant. See how the flare doesn't really start til below my knees, rather than right at my knees, like most bootcut styles? I prefer how it is narrower, further down the legs. I've always preferred this, and they're hard to find. The other reason these are so great is that, even though they are white, they are a substantial fabric, and not see-through. And don't worry about wearing white!! All you need is this magic science stain remover I swear by.

So, my pants are Gucci and my top is Target. I bought the pants about six years ago, on sale. They were expensive. But when I figure cost per wear, I've got them down to about pennies per wear! And this is the perfect time to get that cost per wear even lower!

Target Shirt + Gucci Pants = The Perfect High/Low. Scroll down to Shop The Look.

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2. Pair Your Skirts With T-Shirts (and Heels When You're Not Traipsing About)

I got this Lanvin skirt several years ago. A $1500 skirt for $157. Absolutely a cause for elation, it was.

Scroll down to Shop The Look below.


3. Toss A Casual Jacket Over Your Fancy Dresses

You know how great a leather or suede jacket is over a fancy dress, right? It is FABULOUS. This is my Valentino dress I bought in Paris on one of our Girls Shopping Trips. From the last collection he ever designed. And I just tossed on a consignment store find, this jacket, to dress it down a bit, to make it less serious.

Shop The Looks


* Don't worry about wearing white if you have this stain remover  - I just loaded up for Summer!

Thank you for reading! I can't wait to see the photos you send me of you wearing your good clothes!







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