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There is a problem with sailor stripes. Everyone acknowledges that horizontal stripes can make you appear wider than you are, and vertical stripes can make you appear taller. Need scientific proof? There's a study on that.

Scientist Val Watham documented results that "show that vertical stripes make people look taller, while horizontal hoops make them look wide - but plain black was the most slimming of all."  Val was pushing back on another so-called study that said horizontal stripes make you look thinner. To which everyone who has ever worn clothes said, we're pretty sure that's bogus. That doc later clarified that what he really meant was that narrower horizontal stripes look better than wider stripes. No kidding.

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So why the enduring popularity of horizontal stripes? Romanticism, I think. Rugby shirts. Sailor shirts. Breton shirts. Each one of these categories conjures up stories of the adventure and excitement we create when we wear them.

What about the width of the stripes? The narrower the stripes, the better. But not tooo narrow or it can get too juvenile. For sure avoid wide stripes across your stomach and hips. A boat neck always works with a sailor stripe because it's kind of on point for the theme. But a boat neck is also quite flattering to a woman's décolletage and a good foil for all the stripes.


Sailor Stripes For Summer

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How To Wear Stripes Without Looking Wide (hint: narrow OR vertical)

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