Tina, here.

One of the toughest nights to dress for all year might be New Year's Eve. My Gannie taught me when you don't have something fancy enough or "correct" enough for an event, just pile on a lot of jewelry at once, wear some bright red lipstick and put on your best perfume.  You will exude fanciness.


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If a black tie event happens to me, and it rarely does, I do not go out and buy a long gown, and I don't often recommend this for my clients. We can usually find something in the closet or attic that can be reinvented beautifully. In my case, I'd wear my tuxedo jacket and shiny (mine are satin) black pants. I've also worn a long satin skirt with a cashmere sweater.

I would add lots of jewelry and fancier shoes for a truly black tie event. If your tuxedo blazer is black satin, your black pants don't have to match - just make sure they are made of another fabric so it doesn't look like you tried to match and failed, but rather that you are doing the tone-on-tone thing.

This is a valuable lesson, and it's what we teach our clients: we make sure you already have in your closet whatever you need for any occasion (and know how to put it together) to prevent you from running out to the mall at the last minute and making a hasty purchase you regret because you (1) overpaid for it and you'll never wear it again, or (2) you bought it on sale and didn't even love it.  Both shopping crimes happen when you're desperate. (Shop these look below.)

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New Year's Eve Outfits When You Have Nothing To Wear

1. Start with a column of black or a column of white.

Tone-on-tone color makes it look like you're wearing an ensemble as opposed to trying to make two disparate pieces you threw together look like they work.

Can somebody please take care of this girl's roots? 🙂

2. Pile on the jewelry.

Or one huge statement piece can make a difference. Costume jewelry is absolutely fine.

3.  Wear a red lip and spritz on some perfume.

Then walk out the door with your head held high and a lovely smile on your face so you can have a good time!

A pink lip is fine if you don't do red.

So your formula for what to wear to a holiday party when you have nothing to wear is wear black on black or white on white and add sparkly jewelry, fancy shoes and a red lip.  Done.

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Happy shopping and Happy New Year!





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