Tina, here.

As I'm writing this, the weather folks here in Nashville are calling for snow. Which fills me with glee and makes me want to dance around the house like an 8-year-old hoping for a snow day. There are few things in this world I love more than snow.


It was not snowing for this photo shoot.

But oh well, here we go anyway. The time to buy your cold weather boots is not when it's snowing. That's like zipping over to Walmart for a sled on the first sledding day of the season, and finding empty shelves. What, you think I did that?

Plain ole rubber boots just don't cut it in cold temps. But boots lined with real shearling do. As opposed to faux, which don't let your feet breathe, resulting in sweaty, yet cold, toes and smelly feet. Ew. I've found my favorite pair and I want you to know about them.


These guys are French. (updated link - wouldn't you know they created a new website over the weekend with all new links!) As in made in France by the French (Aigle - you remember, we loved them for fall too). And these don't make my bird legs look like they're swimming around, but they do expand to accommodate wider calves.


I just love a pair of rain/snow boots that give you arch support, and are made to fit actual feet, not just a long oval appendage at the bottom of your leg.


I'm going to tell you something. I think I love these boots like people love their Uggs. I'm tempted to wear them 7 days a week. Truly. But these are soooooo much better looking than Uggs. Come to think of it, I barely see Uggs anymore (hands up!). So you are probably looking for a replacement. And here you go.


As you know, I am a HUGE believer in multi-purpose clothing. Make sure your cold weather and snow boots can be worn over skinny jeans or under bootcut jeans.




Most snow/rain boots I've seen aren't very stylish, like you could wear every day. Because they look like bad weather boots. But with the right pair, throw them on with whatever outfit you're wearing for the day (excepting dresses).


Please make sure your ankle pants or skinny jeans don't bag at the knees. They've got to be pretty slim around your legs to avoid elephant knees.

*Update* I woke up to snow this morning. And I'm wearing my shearling-lined boots bc they feel like slippers, and I'm dancing around the kitchen. 

Insiders, you can shop outfits with these boots and more of my January Must-Haves here.

Thanks for reading and here's wishing you a magical snow day soon!