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So we've covered the wardrobe essentials you need this spring, what you definitely need to stop wearing, and today you're getting your dose of what's in and out for spring 2015, and the hot trends to try.  

(Image coming. ) Spring 2015 will be bursting with color and pattern. So you're not caught wearing it wrong, keep reading.

New York Fashion Week wrapped last week.

For Fall 2015. So what's on the runways is fall fashion; what's on the street is late winter/early spring style. The big scene stealers are no longer the runway shows, but the street style bloggers and fashion industry people like magazine editors and my niece who works at Cosmo. Yep, she's kind of a big deal. What I watch for are the big trends that are on the rise, and of course what my niece wore, because she's very cool. It was very, very cold in NYC, so mostly what we saw were coats. But trust me, I know how to extract what's coming for spring just from that.

Let's start with what's making headlines as being on trend for spring 2015. But I am here to tell you these trends are decidedly out for me for spring 2015.


Thanks but no thanks. I had enough of these in kindergarten. 


(Image coming.) Designer Marissa Webb is bringing a new kind of chic to Banana Republic, but I'm not digging the culottes

Crop tops.

Thanks but no thanks. Saw enough navels in the '90's. 

(Image coming.) I love ya, Kate. But this is not your classy garden party outfit.


High tops.

Sneakers and trainers, yes. Official basketball uniform high tops, no. 

(Image coming.) High tops, we're just not that into you. 


Here's what's decidedly in for spring 2015. (All these trends will be shoppable inside March's Style Vault, going live March 1!)

Tassels are the new fringe.

Fringe is still in, but tassels are def having a moment. (Get your tassel on with the turquoise tassel earrings inside the February Style Vault. Vault Insiders save 15%!)

(Image coming.) Tassels are a variation on the fringe theme. The big sister classic to the boho chic festival-goer. Tory is doing it. Ralph is doing it. And here, Rebecca Minkoff did it with a tassel and studded bag. 

Gingham is to spring what plaid was to fall.

Phew! Those gingham blouses we all loved last spring still look fresh.

(Image coming.) Diane Von Furstenburg was one of many designers who trotted gingham down the runways for spring 2015. This outfit is a whole lotta gingham. I like it in smaller doses. 

(Image coming.) If you wear the midi-length skirt, make sure you add some height with a heel. Otherwise, your long gingham skirt goes frumpy real fast. 


All white.

I swear I did not make that up nor am I proselytizing you. I am just reporting the facts.

The white suit. You think you can't pull it off. And you may be correct if you are looking at a white suit from the '90's in your closet. We can get you the right white suit that looks oh so chic and slimming. Stop not believing me. We have proof. I've put several clients in a white suit to all kinds of glorious praise from outsiders. Photo credit EventsPhotoNYC

Tone on tone is a great way to try the white trend - it's off-white with white with another neutral like grey or camel. So rich and a little easier than all hospital white. Please take note of the baby bootcut pant, too. And the fringe. We're hitting all kinds of trends in this one outfit! Photo credit EventPhotosNYC.


(Image coming.) Florals are tricky. It has to do with scale and color. Typically a floral pattern that is too twee is not good, and likewise one that is too bold can be too much. Leave it to the best designers to create a beautiful floral, like this Lela Rose dress, Spring 2015. Sometimes a big box designer you see at the mall may get it right, but they get it wrong just as often. So what I'm saying is you pretty much need us to tell you whether or not your floral passes the "in or out" test. 


You can see I'm partial to a tone-on-tone floral. Just keeps things less dizzying. This J.Crew shift in a yellow floral is a theme you'll see a lot of - if you can't wear yellow next to your face, and so few of us can, have fun with a yellow accessory like a clutch or sandal. Photo credit J.Crew.

The bootcut.

Again, I promise you I am not pushing my own bootcut agenda. Just reporting the facts.

(Image coming.) You're going to still see the skinny jean everywhere. And you'll see more and more '70's flare jeans. But my preference remains the same: the baby bootcut. 


The white baby bootcut jean for spring 2015. If you only walk away with one trend to make your own this spring, let it be this. And yes, we can put any woman, any size, into a white bootcut jean that looks fabulous. Photo credit NordstromRack, no longer available, similar available for purchase inside the Style Vault.

 So there you have it. Your spring 2015 trends to try. And you lucky dolls, if you're a Style Vault Insider, you'll have access to all my Spring Must-haves and entire spring outfits you can shop right from the Vault. March's Style Vault goes live in one week, March 1! Oh, and a special bonus issue comes out in March, too: Swimwear and Cover-ups. With special discount codes, you'll more than make up the $7.99/month subscription. Find out more and join here.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out our personalized Nashville wardrobe consulting services for men and women. Experience the luxury of having us in your home and shopping the stores for you, then putting it all together. We’re in our 8th year of making the world a better place, one good outfit at a time. 



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