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The trench coat. It's on just about every stylish woman's must-have list and favorite things to wear. The French have mastered the art of wearing a trench. Pourquoi? Because they wear it when it rains and when it's not raining, that's why. A trench coat is très chic in every way and today I'm going to show you why I love trench coats, and how to wear one. (You may have noticed a different look on our blogs lately. We're using a lot of our own photos more often for real life examples from my closet, my tour of Nashville style and stylish women. Feel free to send us a photo of you in a Tina-inspired look!)

Why I Love A Trench Coat

Burberry trench and Hunter boots. Perfect Steeplechase or Derby outfit, when it rains. But it won't this year. But this does raise the Burberry question. Should you or shouldn't you? I bought mine on consignment if that tells you anything. And it's not a traditional Burberry. I bought mine because I love it, not because it's Burberry. Photo credit Maegan Tintari

Closet confession. I own 4 trench coats. A white one from Banana Republic a million years ago, a vintage British Tan Burberry cape-like trench coat, a TJ Maxx black one and a traditional Ralph Lauren windowpane check trench. I wear them all. Also I have a coat problem. Just a little one.

You probably only need one trench coat. Because you're normal. If I were to just have one, ooooh it's a tough decision, but I would choose the traditional version. Because look at her:

The trench, not the cig, lend her her coolness. Photo credit Archiv Schmölz+Huth via Walde Huth-Schmölz.

Don't be too disappointed, but here's me in one of my tan trench coats, the Ralph Lauren one. I like to wear it with jeans and cowboy boots, or just some flats. It's the one I travel with because it's just a sensible option. And chic. And easy for layering. And chic. Did I already say that? And packable. It's lightweight. And it doubles as a raincoat. Why don't you have one yet? (If you're a Vault Insider, you probably do. I revealed my fave spring trench inside the Style Vault, and you can purchase it right from there).

Why I Like Trench Coats

This trench has a subtle windowpane check in white, which of course I freaked out when I saw and had to have it. The whole menswear vibe makes sense with a trench. Just make sure it FITS you and not your father, and that you never actually button it.

You're already wondering what length your trench should be. If you just have one, I recommend right above the knees. That's so you can wear it with anything, a dress, a skirt, pants. My black trench is shorter than my dress and it's a-ok. I wear my black trench for dressier occasions because black reads dressier than tan. Looking for a cocktail topper, one of fashion's holy grails? Try a sleek black trench coat.

Why I Love A Trench Coat

Ok so look real hard and you'll see the break of the coat is several inches above my dress hemline. No problem. But wait. I have something else to show you.

Why I Love A Trench Coat

See how I did that? It's a half bow to the side. And I never, ever button my trench. No. You wrap it robe style, then take the sash, and tie a half bow to the side so you don't have an appendage on your belly.

Ah, now we get to my beloved white trench coat. I can sense that you're looking down on the white trench. Because why would you wear white when IT'S RAINING? My dears, a trench coat is not merely a raincoat. It is a chic way to keep warm on a cool spring or fall day. It's a sweater or blazer alternative. It's an outfit completer. I could wear this white trench coat and keep it on inside (and so could you if you know how to wear it). If someone asks me why I'm still wearing my coat I just know that they don't understand the Parisian inside me. 

Short White Trench Coat

My white trench coat is quite short. It's the perfect spring jacket.

What about the double-breasted situation? 

Short White Trench Coat

Trench coats are traditionally double-breasted. Which is fine on a trench and a peacoat because that's befitting to the style. We aren't huge fans of the double-breasted style in really any other category. It adds width and can be too busy. Keep the buttons pretty simple to help quiet down all the stuff happening with the epaulets, buckles, buttons, cuffs and sash.

Where can you find a good trench coat this season? Style Vault insiders know. Like I said, I revealed a few really good ones that are super-affordable in the Vault (for curvy and petites, too).  I do not believe you have to pay a lot for every type of clothing. Some things I have, others not. This is one I don't overpay for, for sure. 

So, if you're looking for a good trench, join the Style Vault to get the one we love this season. Over $600 in savings on the fab finds for March's Vault.

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