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Have you realized that as of today you have only 4 SATURDAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS? And it's not even Thanksgiving! Don’t pass out. I’ve got you covered. I’ve been hunting down the best gifts for the beloveds on your list, and you can shop these 40 gifts HERE, TODAY. And be done.

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I’ve already muddled through all the websites, stores, special offers, shipping and return policies for you (many gifts are from the same website to make shipping, receiving and returning easier on you). What you’re getting here is a targeted list of the best of the best, so you don’t have to wring your hands wondering how to narrow down the choices. This isn't the "Top 100." This isn't the "Most Trendy" list, or the "Most Unique." This list is, my lovely friends, time-tested, promised to be loved by all, a no-fail, and quite simply, all you need to consult for your gift buying. You have set the bar high in the past, and you are sure to hold onto your crown, the Best Gift-Giver Ever (but you have to keep using my gift guides to defend your crown!).

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Merry, merry!




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