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Are you ready for band practice, football games and term papers (is that still a thing?) Well, it's time to get your wardrobe ready! YAY FALL!!! I absolutely LOVE Fall and the clothes that go with it.* This Fall, a BIG trend is shades of BROWN: camel, cognac, tortoise, chocolate, almond, chestnut, and so on. And it just so happens that I've always said the way to take a Summer outfit into Fall without buying new clothes is to introduce shades of brown. Trade white jeans for off-white or even cognac jeans. Trade your white denim jacket for a tan blazer or faded denim jacket. Your brightly colored sandals for some chocolate pumps or wedges.

*I'm wearing a sleeveless leather top and a pashmina, similar here, here and here.

Your Summer-to-Fall Transition Wardrobe With 4 Pieces

The first thing you'll notice is that these are neutrals. This is how you multiply your outfits and transition from one season to another, by mixing and matching your neutrals and popping with accessories. You're seeing A LOT of brown tones now, but there's A LOT more coming in terms of Fall color!

1. The Blazer

2. The Jeans

3. The Jewelry

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4. The Pumps

The Outfits: Summer To Fall Transition


...And Fall



...And Fall


...And Fall

More Early Fall Outfits


Thanks for stopping by! I'm already starting to clean out closets for Fall shopping and styling! Book your package with me now, no matter where you live I can help you in person or virtually.

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