Tina, here.

I just need one snow day. One. (And historically, Nashville gets that one snow in February if we're gonna get one. So, yay.) And then...SPRING. I am actually excited about fashion for the first time in a while. And by "a while," I mean since maybe fall 2014. But that's a long time in this world. I get excited about style non-stop because we can find that in our closets, and it's not dependent on what's on offer out there. But this season, there's some good stuff out there.

French Blue Jacket Country in the City

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Here's what's coming this season in spring trends and spring style, and here's how you're gonna get them in your closet, and wear them like a pro (without becoming a fashion don't).

1. The campground has given way to the countryside.

Campy fashion marked by prepster flannels, plaids and stag horns is being turned out to pasture for the romantic English countryside known for its florals and calico prints, eyelet and lace (try this lace one for a less expensive option), botanicals, and yes, bunnies and lambs. Oh, and rams horns for your home decor.


The Cotswalds. The Moors. Off-road in a Ranger. And Liberty of London and calico prints.

2. The statement shoulder is making friends with the statement sleeve.

Reintroducing the gigot de mouton sleeve (leg of lamb or mutton). Thank God it is not the bum (miss-me no more) or the navel (bye bye Brit). The full sleeve is not the same thing as the bell-shaped sleeve. This is not a boho look, but a modern update to that. A natural follow-up to the popular dolman and raglan sleeve blouses we've been seeing for a few seasons.


Full sleeves are tricky. Make sure you keep the rest of your outfit pretty quiet. Tone on tone is a good way to do this. A short puffy sleeve is easier to pull off than a long puffy sleeve.

If you go for long, full sleeves, maybe cut back on the drama. Not too puffy. A tailor can always tame the puffiness by removing some of it. I've had this done on a blouse or two.


3. It's (even more so) all about the cropped pant.

We called this the "kick flare" last spring. And it's still strong this season, with most retailers referring to them as cropped. There are a few caveats that we'll discuss. No hall passes or makeup dates. It's that important of a topic. See you back here shortly (coming this February).



If your pants are cropped, they must either be straight or have a bit of a kick flare to them (which is why I like this descriptive name), so they don't look like evil capris. So, your cropped pants can't be tapered (and your long pants can't be straight - but that's another blog). Might sound like we're splitting hairs, but good style is a game of millimeters, after all.

Cropped with a frayed hem is SO adorable. This pair belongs to Deidre (Insiders, you can find more options and outfits in the all-new February Must-Haves Style Vault). One day a few weeks ago I was telling her how I have no clothes in my closet that haven't appeared on the blog over the last 7 years. So she said, wear these. Um, thank you! #nevergivingback

4. Excuse me sir, do you have a handkerchief, please? Because I'm going to turn it into a neckerchief.

I'm thinking Harold's and Pan Am style. Nooooo, just hang in there with me and I'll show you.


5. Oversized, yes, but do not attempt the oversized without strict instructions.

Relaxed is the new fitted. The new shape of clothes might be oversized. But not outsized. Ladies, mind your proportions.

If it's oversized on top, it's fitted on bottom.


If it's shapeless through the midsection, we need to see the shape of your arms and legs. High armholes, falling to your knees and not lower, and bonus points for a v-neck!

6. Shoe revival: Block heels, loafers, mules and fashion sneakers have replaced kitten heels, ballet flats, and the ugly rubber-soled "comfort" shoes.

And don't you know there are new rules to follow when wearing these predominantly more bulky shoes than we've been wearing in the past.


This new found comfort is great news for our feet! But the margin of error when wearing them incorrectly is pretty big. So stay tuned for clear instructions on what to wear with mules and loafers (don't grab your dresses and skirts just yet) and to find out what in the world are you going to be wearing with your sneakers.

Insiders, you can start shopping all our must-haves in the latest Vault. Many more spring looks to come over the next few weeks!

Thanks for reading, and if it snows, I'm Out Of Office. And I'll see you in the Spring.