It's something we just can't get enough of this winter, and it reeeally stretches your holiday wardrobe, too. So basically, you need it and we're showing you how to wear it. The Tuxedo Jacket.

Tina, here.


How did I end up with 3 of these in my closet? I have navy, black and winter white. You've already seen me styling my navy tuxedo jacket like this. Today I'm pulling out my other two, black and winter white.

What makes it a tuxedo jacket? It's a borrowed-from-the-boys, long-time favorite of well-heeled women like Marlene Deitrich, Lauren Hutton and don't forget Olivia Palermo, looking oh so cool in a double-breasted version. I will say that these, and mine are more blazer than jacket. But we still refer to them as tuxedo jackets.



There needs to be some satin. The trim, like the lapel or buttons or pockets, or the entire piece can be made of satin, like my navy one. My black one has a satin lapel and satin-covered buttons. Next, it needs to have a button closure, traditionally they were double-breasted but now you see a lot of single-breasted tuxedo jackets, which is good news for women. That single row of buttons is quite lengthening, as opposed to double rows of buttons which can widen you at your mid-section.

Now for the styling.


A tuxedo jacket is going dress up anything you pair it with. I prefer letting the jacket make the statement, and the rest of your outfit sounding more like a hush. It's also the perfect cocktail topper! (Check it out to see more ways I styled these jackets.)



I went full on dressy with silk pants. I could pair a primary color with the winter white tux jacket but since both pieces are kinda special, I think neutral is best. Hence the grey (I promise they are grey, a soft dove grey, so it's hard to see it here) silk pants instead of something louder like bright red plaid pants. I also kept my shoes a little soft, no embellishments. These are what you call smart pumps. Just nice, respectable black heels that aren't flashy or too high.


Black on black is just so sharp. You could as easily pair black jeans with a black tuxedo jacket for a less stuffy holiday "suit." But it's a no fail outfit. Take your regular ole black pants and just add a tuxedo jacket.


If you don't like wearing dresses, fancy black pants with a black tuxedo jacket is a great alternative to a formal dress or cocktail number for a black-tie occasion.


You can also get away with special shoes and a special jacket because nothing is competing for attention. Aren't these velvet animal print heels to die for? Get them fast before they're gone! Insiders, you can shop the rest of the outfit, and all the outfits shown here inside our newest Vault.


Nothing wrong with black and white for a swanky outing. It feels kind of retro and 1930's.


And my favorite, white on white (white white as opposed to white grey ha). Don't be afraid of doing this! It's all about wearing the right white pants and the right white top.


If you're going for a pulled-together look, choose more fitted silhouettes rather than flowy, like an ankle pant and a single-breasted jacket. Button it if you can, but just the center button only.


Here's where sparkly heels can be your punctuation point without competing with a special jacket.

If you have an old tuxedo jacket, yes, bring it out, but you must alter it. I promise you the shoulders are too big and the buttons are wrong (especially if they are gold with little crests on them). But a good tailor can bring it into the 21st century.

My final words. No puffy jackets over nice party outfits. No matter how cold it is. No matter how quickly you think you'll move from the car inside, thinking no one will see you. Yes they will and so no you may not. (Insiders, don't forget to shop these outfits to make sure you're wearing the right tuxedo jacket with the right pieces.)

Merry, merry!