3 Ways To Wear Your White T-Shirt This Fall

You're definitely winning at fashion if you're buying pieces that multi-task so you can wear them different times of the year, to multiple types of events. A white t-shirt is one such wardrobe multiplier. But be careful, the more simple something is, the more perfect it must be. So I'm going to provide you with 3 price points for a white t-shirt. Depending on your philosophy, go the cheap route, or the expensive.

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My opinion is that if you're a mommy constantly wiping dirt stains and slobber off your t-shirts, definitely buy the disposable, inexpensive ones that can easily be replaced. If a white t-shirt is the everyday backdrop to your very chi-chi ensemble of designer fashion, then maybe you'll want the designer white t-shirt because it's one of the main players.

Perfect White T-shirts

Back when I started working with clients, my favorite white t-shirt was a v-neck from Banana Republic, 100% cotton. But then, they quit making it, and most cotton t-shirts were either frumpy squares or skanky see-throughs. So, for a while, my favorite t-shirts were mainly of man-made fabrics because cotton t-shirts can shrink, hold stains and don't drape very well. I like viscose, modal, and a little stretch like lycra or spandex. However, there's been a turn of course, and cotton has come a long way, and now my favorites are all cotton. Which I am very, very happy about, because I love how they feel. Always choose a v-neck. Never, ever a crew neck unless you cut the neckline with a big gum ball necklace. V-neck t-shirts elongate your frame. And no pockets. They make your boobs look weird. And no slub-knit t-shirts; they are see-through.

3 Ways To Wear Your White T-Shirt This Fall

1. To Work

If you run in a business casual environment, which I'm electing to include your dining room "office", board meetings, or traveling some, take it up a notch from nice jeans and a t-shirt (and sweats!) to nice pants and a t-shirt. Caveat: your white t-shirt must not have ANY stains if you're going to wear it as part of a dressy-casual look. No armpit stains, nothing. Capiche?


2. On A Saturday

White on white in the fall? Yes, Scarlett. It's the New South, or haven't you heard? But to make your outfit truly a fall ensemble, add traditionally fall accents like leather boots, a hide clutch and shagreen jewelry.


3. To A Party

One of the best tips I share frequently on this blog is that if you don't feel like you have the right thing to wear somewhere fancy, just pile on most of your jewelry, or a sparkly sandal, and then add lipstick. Works fantastically with a white t-shirt, pretty jacket and metallic pants. This outfit would be great for a fall cocktail party or social fundraising event.

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