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My dear friends, how are you? Are you healthy and well? We are all going to know someone who has the virus. I have not yet, but I know I will. We are living in interesting times, to quote Robert Kennedy, who was quoting a Chinese curse. But Senator Kennedy turned it on its head and declared, They are times of danger and uncertainty; but they are also the most creative of any time in the history of mankind. I love the human spirit! As we are all forging ahead, small businesses like mine are creating new ways to adapt and grow. As great timing would have it, I've been developing a whole new way to experience Your Style Vault by Tina Adams Consulting that will allow me to serve more women all across the States and beyond, from your own home! It won't cost as much and I'll still be able to be with you, in your closet, shopping for you and styling you, without anyone having to leave their home. Anyone can be a client! Even if you're in Nashville! It's in beta testing now, and we're almost ready to launch! So be watching....

In the meantime, how about a lovely $200 Spring Wardrobe! These capsule wardrobes are just what we need right now since we're all tightening up a bit. I had a client years ago whose budget was literally $100. Yes. $100. And I got her the best-looking Summer wardrobe, and we stayed on budget! This is one of my very favorite challenges. It stretches my hunting skills and gets my creativity going! So here, my friends, is a $200 Spring Wardrobe. Actually, I created several for different wardrobe needs, because it was so much fun!

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Your $200 Spring Wardrobe ($200ish)

Wardrobe One - for those who have a dressy event (God-willing it will go on!), and also need to update everyday casual outfits. It's about one outfit that can be dressed up or down, depending on accessories!

Start with the dress.

Now add a topper. I've included both dressy and casual ones - ideally you'd buy one of each.

And now for the whole outfit, with accessories, and under $200! First is the dressy outfit, below that is the casual outfit with the same dress.

In these outfits, the top is for a dressy occasion, and the bottom uses the same topper, but in a casual way.

In these looks, the top is for a dressy occasion, and the bottom takes the same dress but dresses it down for a more casual dinner.

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Wardrobe Two - for those who are working from home or spending most of your time at home, but don't want to schlep around in pajamas or mumus. It's about self-respect!

Start with a great top.

Now add comfortable jeans or pants.

And now for the whole outfit, with accessories, and still under $200ish! Two versions of how to style the same pieces in different ways.

Wardrobe Three - for those who just want a little fresh update to brighten the day and spread hope that yes, we will be able to gather with friends again soon!

Thank you for reading! Hang in there everyone! And if you're interested, I just released this really helpful new guide!

How To Recession-Proof Your Wardrobe

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