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You need one dress in your closet that can go anywhere, any time of year.  That piece, my dears, is a sheath or a shift. A shirtdress might could possibly maybe work, too, in the right fabric.  But these sheath dresses and shifts work for any shape. Promise. A sheath goes from day to night. Really. The key is in the waist - there are no seams. So particularly for Summer this is good, when you don't want anything touching your skin.

Just add a shoe and a piece of jewelry for the event: a pump for a funeral, an espadrille for a pool party, a strappy heel for cocktails.  Here's how it's done.

One Sheath Three Ways


You've probably got an LBD in your closet, so what if you want to add a multi-functional sheath in a color that can be a backdrop for any accessory for anytime of year?  A solid will give you the most mileage. My pink dress is from the Halsbrook deal last Fall and it sold out (similar), but check out the Spring deal I did with Halsbrook. Some items are still available, but not with my exclusive code. If you want to get emails when I do these exclusive deals with my favorite retailers, subscribe to the blog!  Here's a blue tweed sheath working for you in Summer, Fall and Winter.

A Shirtdress is another option, although unless it's a fancy fabric like taffeta, it's a bit more casual than a sheath.

So here are some fun outfits with sheaths, shifts and shirtdresses I am loving right now. But I'm on the austerity budget so the only one I'm buying (actually bought it yesterday at Target) is the pink shirtdress. I didn't even have to try it on because I could tell from the cut it would be perfect. It is. Although the pink is very bright. I plan to take the shock off with a wash. Anyway, that was a ramble, here are the dresses!

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Sheaths, Shifts and Shirtdresses


And just for inspiration.
shift dress + gloves

Can we please start wearing gloves again, like all year round?   via ohhlalamisscherie 

Get thee to a sheath, shift or shirtdress! Also, I'm starting to pack people for summer trips, and still taking wardrobe appointments, both virtually and in person, so get on my schedule if you'd like!

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