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There are so many sales right now! Which is when mistakes are made - don't spend money to save money, and don't lower your standard of what you love when you're shopping a sale. I $19.99'ed my way through my 20's until I realized how much junk I had bought, and how many beautiful, lasting pieces I could actually have. So, to help you wade through the sales, I'm collecting the best jeans, tops, dresses, and some extra good stuff, too, as long as we're at it! I've made sure that there is a thorough selection of size ranges at the time of publishing, but I cannot emphasize enough how fast inventory goes these days.

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Shopping The Spring Sales

Thanks for reading! Don't forget to check out the new video on where to hem your dresses and skirts! Also, I'm starting to pack people for summer trips, and still taking wardrobe appointments, both virtually and in person, so get on my schedule if you'd like!

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